4th Monthly Print Winners 2017/18

  4th Monthly Print Competition 2017/18
         Colour & Mono Sections: Set Subject “Travel”  
Novices Colour.    
First Lofoten Ryazan Tristram
Second Brilliant Bubbles Ruth Seadon
Third Night Flight Ruth Seadon
Highly Commended Travelling Around Hastings Mary Jordan
Novices Mono.    
First Done Traveling, Going Home Ken Bryan
Open Colour    
First The Pole Fishermen Barry Green
Second Behind You! Nigel Taylor
Third Motorway Travel Roger Lewis
Highly Commended A Woman’s Work is Never Done Jan Harris
Highly Commended Skellig Islands off South West Coast of Ireland Mike Childs
Commended Ribblehead at Sunset Jan Godwin
Commended The School Kitchen Jan Harris
Commended Traveling in Shakespeare Country Roger Lewis
Open Mono    
First Dreams, Near St Helens Colin Close
Second Bell Ringers, Old Clock Tower, Venice Len Pugh
Third End Of The Line Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Harris Tweed Weaver Len Pugh
Commended Lake Bled Castle Jenny Webster
Commended Gelada Monkey, Ethiopia Jenny Webster
Commended Ferara Castle Roger Tyler
Open Nature    
First Crested Tit Calling Jan Godwin
Second Kestrel Female With Ruffled Feathers Julie Hall
Third Brown Hare in the Snow Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Tigress – Wild and Free Jenny Webster
Commended Wood Mouse Eating Berry Jan Godwin
Commended Great Egret John Davidson
Commended Ground Squirrel Roger Tyler
Commended Red Deer Stag, Scottish Highlands Julie Hall

4th Monthly PDI Winners 2017/18

  4th Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18
           Set Subject – ‘Creative’  
Novices Colour    
First Watching the Kidz Ruth Seadon
Second Floral Tea Michelle Chance
Third Paint Ball Phil Nokes
Highly Commended Refracted Light Ruth Seadon
Novices Mono    
First Moonlight Michelle Chance
Second Screw City Michelle Chance
Third Fairy Glen Pauline Grainger
Open Colour    
First Secret Garden Mal Ogden
Second Looking at you Terry Mason
Third Sunburst Mike Childs
Highly Commended All Around Me Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Heather Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Brush Head Colin Close
Commended Santa Maria della Salute Tony Hawkesbee
Commended Winter’s Rose Len Pugh
Commended Out of this World Mike Childs
Commended Turning The World Upside Down Julie Hall
Commended Celestial Girl Len Pugh
Open Mono    
First Falling Roger Tyler
Second Spies Colin Close
Third Argentine Tango Colin Close
Highly Commended Three Little Fishes Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Girl With Pearl Necklace Colin Close
Commended Softly Unfurling Jan Harris
Commended Battle of the Planets Mike Childs
Commended Pop Art Roger Tyler
Open Nature    
First Cape Penguins Roger Tyler
Second Gorilla Portrait Jenny Webster
Third Crocodile Rock Mike Childs
Highly Commended Red Squirrel Leaping Julie Hall

3rd Monthly Print Winners 2017/18

  3rd Monthly Print Competition 2017/18.
Novices Mono.    
First Smoking Gun Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second Assessing The Situation Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Third If We Don’t Look It’s Not There Mark Bennett
Highly Commended Please Don’t Leave Me This Way Mark Bennett
Novices Nature    
First Otter On Rock Les Coombes
Second Malachite Butterfly Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Third Fern In Lava Rock Les Coombes
Highly Commended Charafez Cithaonor Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Open Mono    
First In The Snow Roger Tyler
Second Llanddwyn Island Len Pugh
Third Frosty Highland Julie Hall
Highly Commended Working Out Colin Close
Highly Commended Morning Mist over Hope Valley, Peak District Mike Childs
Commended Toned Vocals Roger Lewis
Commended The Westerner Len Pugh
Commended Dirty Feet Jan Godwin
Open Nature    
First Robin in Winter Julie Hall
Second Elephant Bonding Roger Tyler
Third Kingfisher Julie Hall
Highly Commended Stink Horn John Davidson
Highly Commended Tawny Owl Mike Childs
Highly Commended Common Toad Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Female Sparrow Hawk Jenny Webster
Commended Purple Heron Roger Tyler
Commended Water Rail Jenny Webster
Commended Silkmoth Caterpillar, First Moult Dave Riddle

3rd Monthly PDI Winners 2017/18

  3rd Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18.
Novices Colour.    
First Ciaran Michelle Chance
Second Grumpy Tiffany Guest
Third All in a day’s work Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Done The Deal Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Candles in the Church Pauline Grainger
Commended The Storm Sue Davis
Commended Scrum Down Mark Bennett
Commended Sweeney Sue Davis
Novices Mono.    
First Introspective Reflection Phoebe Catstree
Second Puddles upon Puddles Tiffany Guest
Third Boats at Laugharne Sue Davis
Highly Commended Romance in Venice Mark Bennett
Commended Forgotten Love Phoebe Catstree
Commended A Visit Tiffany Guest
Commended To The Point Michelle Chance
Open Colour    
First Looking different Jan Harris
Second Rocker Colin Close
Third Pengarreg Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Pride and Joy Richard Chapman
Commended Migration Len Pugh
Commended Thin Blue Line Terry Mason
Commended Adam Mal Ogden
Open Mono    
First Shady character Roger Lewis
Second Neglect Nigel Taylor
Third Off To School John Davidson
Highly Commended Lazy Swing Colin Close
Commended Sumatran Tiger Sue Vernon
Commended Half Dome Roger Tyler
Commended Avocets Richard Chapman

Midland Bank Trophy 2017

I’m delighted to report that BPS retained the trophy for a further year after scoring 290 points against Redditch with 283 and Studley with 280.
Meanwhile particular congratulations to Colin Close, Julie Hall and Sue Vernon who all achieved the maximum score of 20 with one of their photos.

Well done all.
































Bromsgrove Photographic Society.

Midland Bank Trophy 2017.

Print Selection.                                                                                                  Score.

Bound                                                            James Fountain                              19
Waiting                                                          Jan Harris                                        17
A Moment With Myself                                  Jenny Webster                                18
Crusaders                                                     John Davidson                                 17
And The Mist Rolls In                                    Len Pugh                                         17
Tarn Hows                                                    Mike Childs                                       19
Elephant Herd                                               Roger Tyler                                      18
Heron                                                            Sue Vernon                                      20


PDI Selection.

The Boxer                                                     Colin Close                                        20
Old World Service                                        Colin Close                                        19
Long Eared Owl on tree                               Dave Ward                                        18
Loch Lomond                                               Jan Harris                                          16
Collecting The Firewood                              Jenny Webster                                  18
Red Squirrel                                                 Julie Hall                                            20
The Longing Look                                        Len Pugh                                           17
Egret on Papyrus                                         Roger Tyler                                        17


TOTAL BROMSGROVE SCORE.                                                                       290

Redditch Photographic Society                                                                            283

Studley Camera Club                                                                                           280


2nd Monthly Print Winners

  2nd Monthly Print Competition 2017/18.
Novices Colour.    
First Offside Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second English Beauty Ken Bryan
Third The Circle of Life Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Boats For Hire Mary Jordan
Novices Nature.    
First Great Clearwing Butterfly Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second Mammiliaria Amatacensis Pauline Grainger
Third Mammariliaria Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Autumn Birches Ken Bryan
Commended Cinebar Caterpillar Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Bee On Cosmos Mary Jordan
Open Colour    
First Ferrari Detail Jill Howe
Second Bologna Roger Tyler
Third Through The Square Window Jill Howe
Highly Commended Bygone Days John Davidson
Highly Commended Rest Awhile Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Heart of the Himal Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Jo Joe Kollár
Commended Bond Girl Barry Green
Commended Morning Watch James Fountain
Commended Wood Nymph Jan Harris
Commended Final Preparations Jenny Webster
Open Nature    
First Juvenile Kestrels at Nest Site Jan Godwin
Second Red Squirrel in the Rain (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Third Female Jaguar “Thirsty”   (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Clip Springer (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Tengmalms Owl Joe Kollár
Commended Common Blue Roger Tyler
Commended Gaudy Leaf Frog John Davidson

2nd Monthly PDI Winners

  2nd Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18.
Novices Mono.    
First Sweeney Sue Davis
Second Never Too Old Sue Davis
Third Lost In Thought Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Highly Commended Daydreaming Phil Nokes
Commended Tears At Bedtime Phil Nokes
Commended Spiral Julie Bridgwater
Commended Ballet Feet Michelle Chance
Novices Nature    
First Atlas Hawk Moth Pupae Sheila Billingham
Second Fallow Deer Julie Bridgwater
Third Raven Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Robin Gionatan D’Addea
Commended Tiger Longwing Sue Davis
Commended Tree Remains Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Grey Heron Sue Davis
Open Mono    
First Stronghold Mal Ogden
Second Iceland Panorama Richard Chapman
Third Leaf Skeleton Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Perspectives Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Taking The Strain Barry Green
Commended Intense Jill Howe
Commended Girl on a Train Colin Close
Commended Racing Up and Over Julie Hall
Commended Light Up Jan Harris
Open Nature    
First Kingfisher Jenny Webster
Second Kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis) Richard Chapman
Third Eyelash Viper (Bothriechis Schlegelii) Jan Harris
Highly Commended Female Kestrel (Wild & Free) Julie Hall
Highly Commended Iguana Jan Harris
Highly Commended Long Tailed Tit Rebekah Nash
Commended Nuthatch Mike Childs
Commended Little Owl with mouse Jenny Webster
Commended Azure Damselflies (Coenagrion Puella) Richard Chapman

1st Monthly Print Competition Winners 2017/18

  1st Monthly Print Competition 2017/18.
Novices Colour.    
First Off To The Pub Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second Llanddwyn Island Julie Bridgwater
Third Swallow Falls Julie Bridgwater
Commended Reflective Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Novices Mono.    
First Britannia Bridge Julie Bridgwater
Open Colour    
First Waiting Jan Harris
Second Godrevy at Dawn James Fountain
Third Thunder over Death Valley Roger Tyler
Highly Commended No Room Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Ashness Waters Jill Howe
Highly Commended Crusaders John Davidson
Commended Fallow Deer Sue Vernon
Commended Bound James Fountain
Commended Talisker Bay Rock Jan Harris
Open Mono    
First Tarn Hows Mike Childs
Second John Roger Lewis
Third Looking Back Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Blackchurch Rock Len Pugh
Highly Commended Lone Walker Jan Harris
Highly Commended Balustrade Over The Severn Julie Hall
Highly Commended A Moment With Myself Jenny Webster
Commended Local Gossip John Davidson
Commended Seclusion Jan Harris
Commended Long Walk Home James Fountain

1st Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18

  1st Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18.  
Novices Colour.    
First Poverty Pat Billyard
Second Flight at Sundown Sheila Billingham
Third The Palladian Bridge Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Bernina Express Ryazan Tristram
Highly Commended Reflection Michelle Chance
Commended Thomas Speller, a tailor from English civil war Sue Davis
Commended Lynmouth Beacon Michelle Chance
Commended Red Arrows Pat Billyard
Novices Nature    
First Hoverfly Sheila Billingham
Second Wood Pigeon Preening Sheila Billingham
Third Three lions Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Mute Swan Michelle Chance
Commended Fallow Deer Michelle Chance
Commended European Shag Sue Davis
Commended Nursery Web Spider Michelle Chance
Open Colour    
First The Boxer Colin Close
Second Morning Stretch Colin Close
Third Loch Lomond Jan Harris
Highly Commended The Entertainer Len Pugh
Highly Commended Penmon Point Len Pugh
Highly Commended Impressions of Wightwick Manor Colin Close
Commended Warming Up Jenny Webster
Commended Talisker colour Jan Harris
Commended Collecting the firewood Jenny Webster
Commended Hiding Roger Tyler
Commended Bringing home the water Jenny Webster
Commended Angel of the North Sue Vernon
Commended Singapore Cityscape David Jellie
Open Nature    
First Egret on Papyrus Roger Tyler
Second Male Tiger Encounter Jenny Webster
Third Migrant Hawker Dragonfly Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Puffins on a Cliff David Ward
Highly Commended Male Kestrel with Field Mouse Jenny Webster
Commended Tawny Owl with Rat David Ward
Commended Oyster Mushroom Jan Harris
Commended Shield Bugs Roger Tyler
Commended Highland Mountain Hare Julie Hall
Commended Poplar Moth Roger Tyler

Novice & Open Annual Competitions 2016/17

  Novice & Open Annual Competitions 2016/17.
Novices General  
Best Colour Catch of the Day Daphne Day
Best Mono Boxing Clever James Fountain
Highly Commended Paradise Piers James Fountain
Highly Commended Street Art Sue Vernon
Novices Nature    
Winner Heron Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Young Moorhen Sue Vernon
Commended Robin Julie Bridgwater
Open General    
Best Colour A Beggar’s Lot Mike Troth
Best Mono Leader of the Band Len Pugh
Highly Commended Marble on the Beach Adrian Hedges
Highly Commended Feeling The Music John Davidson
Highly Commended Tibetian Gent Barry Green
Highly Commended Fairy Falls Jan Harris
Highly Commended A Victorian Education Mike Troth
Commended Fun in Prague Chris Wilkins
Open Nature    
Winner Elephant Herd Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Little Owl with Prey Barry Green
Highly Commended Eurasian Jackdaw John Davidson
Highly Commended Mignon Bali Starling Joe Kollár
Highly Commended Elephant and Calf Roger Tyler
Novices General  
Best Colour Dandelion Seed Head Sheila Billingham
Best Mono Waiting James Fountain
Highly Commended Spoons Sue Vernon
Commended Under The Street Lights Tiffany Guest
Commended Disgruntled Faces Tiffany Guest
Novices Nature    
Winner Goosander Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Glass Wing-Greta Oto Daphne Day
Highly Commended Stag Linda Allen
Commended Great Tree Nymph Julie Bridgwater
Commended Snowdrop Sue Vernon
Open General    
Best Colour The Longing Look Len Pugh
Best Mono Tension Colin Close
Highly Commended Last Chapter Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Life is a Beach Len Pugh
Highly Commended Old Timer – Lhasa Barry Green
Highly Commended Bound Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Got to pick a pocket or two Mike Troth
Highly Commended Gift to the Gods Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Kate Mike Troth
Commended A View of New York Rebekah Nash
Commended Parad Ice Roger Tyler
Commended Old World Service Colin Close
Open Nature    
Winner Mountain Hare in the rain Julie Hall
Highly Commended Yellow Weaver Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Red Squirrel Julie Hall
Highly Commended Zebra Stallions Fighting Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Female Marbled White on Wild Scabia Barry Green