This, That and the Other

Hi All,Well last week was a bit different, some mixed feedback from good fun to frivolous. It was the first time we have done a “so different” competition, lessons were learned so first my apologies to those who thought their images were unfairly judged  but most importantly congratulations to all those who took part and of course a massive congratulations to Julie Hall the overall winner. Can I also thank Pat Billyard for suggesting the Knock-Out in the first place. If we do it again next year we might try and have a projected image competition which should overcome the size issue and put it all on a more level playing field.

This coming week we will be having our meeting in the Lecture Theatre at Bromsgrove School. We call this annual special event “The Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture” in memory of a past Chairman and President who did an extraordinary amount of work driving the society forward through difficult and changing times as we moved into this 21st century. Our Guest Speaker is Adrian Almond an acclaimed photographer from the north of England who lives on the edges of the Lake District so we can expect some great landscapes but as he also describes himself as a travel photographer we should also see some images from further afield. After the break he will diversify into other photographic passions. It’s looking like it’s going to be a feast of visual photographic delight. Enjoy!   

Please note it is a 7.30 pm start. Parking is in the school car park at the Worcester Road Entrance and directions should be signposted to find the Theatre (about a 5 minute walk from the car park). Anyone like to volunteer to point people in the right direction? We will also be holding a raffle, I know two weeks running, aren’t you the  lucky ones.

This Tuesday is also handing in for the following week’s PDI competition, a box for memory sticks will be on the entry to the Theatre, although most now tend to email direct to You can enter up to a total 3 images divided into either Colour or Nature categories, it is up to you how you split them, for example you could submit one nature and two colour or whatever combination you want.

There is no early session this Tuesday.

A few things going on this weekend, thank you Roger ‘T’ for organising a practical outing looking for elusive fungi over at Kinver or failing that photographing the very interesting Nanny’s Rock; an un-restored rock house on Kinver Edge. See Roger’s email. Hope you have a good time and get some good pics. Several of us are at a workshop at Smethwick PS seeing if we have the images good enough to enable us for a PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) distinction.

Short one this week, hope to see you Tuesday.

Best wishes

Roger L

How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? 50. One to change the bulb, and forty-nine to say, “I could have done that!”  

This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Has everyone changed their clocks back and enjoyed the extra hour in bed. Cold though, methinks Winter might be on its way.

Interesting session last Tuesday with Christopher Bradbury. He broke the evening up into two parts firstly he showed us his creative imagery which have won him so many prestigious awards and then he spent some time on digital imaging. This of course is a very difficult area to cover as the content depends on the knowledge level of the audience, however I thought there was a bit for everyone even if it was just showing the potential that editing can offer in creating something which improves or creates something unique.

This week we have our first Knock-Out Competition. This is nothing to do with our monthly or annual  competitions and there are no points awarded just a bottle of bubbly and the glory to the winner. There are very few rules, you can supply up to two PRINTS per member (no digital images). They are randomly selected and two prints (from different authors) are placed side by side on easels and the audience then select which one they prefer. The preferred one which is selected by a show of hands (or in this case a show of flags) is then put forward into the next round, and so on until we have an overall winner, simple. Well NO actually, we need ideally 64 prints and so far I only have 22 which is going to make for a very short evening. WE NEED MORE PRINTS PEOPLE, I have been emailed promises of a few more but I still need more. Please email me or phone me if you have two prints, it doesn’t matter whether you are from the Open or Novice section, what the subject is, whether its mono or colour or if its printed on edible rice paper so long as it is a print. Email me on to arrange if I can collect from you or if you can bring them along on the evening. This is planned as a fun night so if we don’t get the numbers all those who do not submit will be required to stand up and tell a very fully joke with the audience booing or applauding appropriately The last sentence is just kidding although there is a certain appeal. Please note there is no early session at 7.00 pm

At the last committee meeting it was decided to hold a small number of cut mount boards to be available for members to purchase. We now have available in 16 x 20″ outer size with cut apertures for prints of 12 x 16″, A3 and 9 x16″ on a soft white board at a cost of £2.50 each.  We also have the smaller size of 12 x 15.25″ for A4 size prints at £2 each. Until we find someone to look after them please see me if you want one. The Idea is to help make it easier for the novice section to start producing prints but is available to all members. Will probably push this again on Tuesday.

As I have to give the final catering figures to Bromsgrove School this week for the following week’s Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture can you please ensure if you haven’t already put your name down on the attendee list then please do so this Tuesday. On this occasion in memory of a man who did a great deal for the club over many years the club spends out for a top, top photography lecture so please make the most of it as its free to members and just £6 to guests and visitors.  Please make this a great event.

We are getting involved in a local Christmas Tree Festival (more details to follow) but to take part we do need a Christmas tree (artificial is fine) 4 to 6 ft would be ideal, have you a spare one, (perhaps you are thinking of replacing your old one this year). Please let me know, thank you.

I was talking to Lydia (our model from our last model evening) and I think she was a bit disappointed to have only received images from myself and two others, (or it could have been she was disappointed at just mine, I never pressed the point) I do know there where more than three of us photographing her so how about a few more images for her and of course don’t forget Sweeney. Emails: : and

That’s it for this week. Hope to see you Tuesday back at our usual home at the Arts Centre, hopefully the refurbished kitchen will be available for hot mid-evening drinks and a reminder to bring a bit of cash as we will be having a mega raffle.

Best Wishes.

Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

If you read nothing else, we are back at our normal venue in the main hall at Avoncroft Arts Centre this coming Tuesday. See you there.

Few bits and pieces going on, let’s start with last week which was our first monthly print competition. I thought the quality of work was excellent and it seems as if you have raised the bar, whether it was because we all put our very best work in for the first competition or was it some excellent work from new entrants in both Pictorial and Nature prints. A difficult job for the judge which is why I think we had more than the normal number of commended results. I should point out that arguing or questioning the judge is generally considered out of order and that if you are not happy with anything it is best to bring it up either before or after the judging but not in mid flow. Hopefully that’s enough said.

The early session with Tony Gervis also went well and although aimed at novice members I certainly learned a lot and have already been using some of the tips on composition to improve some images that have been hanging around and not too sure what to do with them, it’s been flipping fun! Tony’s recommended camera app for Smartphone’s, ‘Camera FV-5’ gives far more control in most cases than a phone’s own controls, well worth the free download.

Whilst mentioning the early session Tony is back this Tuesday at The Avoncroft ART CENTRE  with his 2nd presentation  “Getting the BASICS RIGHT”. For those who missed last week’s talk which was well received by everybody there, he will give a brief rundown (5 mins) on the points he covered. Then continuing by concentrating on what you need to do, and, what the camera needs to know before you press the button. It promises to be another fun yet educational meeting. If you’re in any doubt, just come along for the 7.00-7.45 pm (prompt) start.

The main event (8.00 pm) for this week is by professional photographer, Christopher Bradbury, Fellow of the Master Photographers of America. We have had Christopher a couple of times in the past on portraiture and studio lighting, always very entertaining and informative. This presentation is on Advances in Digital Editing, a subject he is well versed in. Please see one of his flyers attached to give you an idea of just how good this guy is.

The following week we have a first time event in the form of a Knock-Out Print Competition. We start with 64 prints and we put up two images side by side and the audience (you) choose which you prefer. Those prints that are saved are put back into the next round, this time 32 images and so it goes on until we have a winner. This has nothing to do with our normal competitions so there are no points but I will make sure there is a prize at the end. Normal competition rules don’t apply so it doesn’t matter if the print has been shown before or not, whether it’s mono, colour, nature, open or novice.  It is a fun competition and audience participation is encouraged, yes you can cheer on your own image (if you feel you must). We need no more than 2 prints per member ideally handing in this Tuesday but there is a bit of flexibility and might even be able to collect (you are so spoilt!). Thank you to those people who took me up on the offer of getting their images printed, I just hope they will be as pleased as I am when I see my images in print, so much more satisfying than just seeing them on a screen.

It’s getting close (6th November) to our Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture which is being held in the Lecture Theatre at Bromsgrove School (very posh). This year it’s on a normal Tuesday Club Night so it is free entry to members, and it doesn’t stop there, it’s also free refreshments (tea and biscuits) laid on by the school’s hospitality staff.  Why not bring a friend or partner, it will be a great evening of some amazing photography from Adrian Almond an acclaimed northern photographer based on the edges of the Lake district. It’s just £6 for guests including refreshments. Details (poster) attached. If you haven’t already done so please confirm that you intend to attend and if you are bringing guests by filling in the list located at the signing-in desk on Tuesday. We need to know numbers as we have to order the refreshments in advance. Thank you.      

Finally we will be getting involved with a bit of a Christmas/Community Project which I am hoping we can all be involved in. More details to come shortly but we will be looking for photos of Stoke Prior or Bromsgove and its surrounds. In fact the weather is supposed to be good this weekend so why not take your camera out as you travel around Bromsgrove as its dressed in autumn colours.

This was only supposed to be a short missive and I already know I’ve forgotten something which I will remember as soon as the ‘send’ button is pressed, O well!

Hope to see you Tuesday.
Roger L

Early Sessions Information


Some members have asked for a bit more detail on the early session (7.00 to 7.45 pm) tonight.

In this seasons early sessions, Tony Gervis, who as well as an FRPS is  an intrepid traveller and cruise lecturer on photography.

He will,over the coming weeks, be covering many different aspects of photography from portrait , architecture, abstract and most things in between. With the theme being that anyone, regardless of what is used to take your photos, smart phone, I phone, tablet, point and shoot or sophisticated cameras, can become a competent photographer if they wish to.

The first 2 presentations are on BASIC photography. This week  he will demonstrate how easy it is to produce much better photos by understanding the basics of your “Camera” and some simple rules of composition

“Photography is not Rocket Science”


Roger L

  1. Just heard we will be having our normal venue back as from next Tuesday, so tonight is the last night at the Museum.


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

A massive thank you to Tony Gervis, last week’s guest speaker. Not only did we see some amazing landscapes with almost unbelievable light quality and colour (now we know what we are missing as we hug the blankets and sleep through this most majestic early morning time). However the American theme also covered the action, thrill and spills of the Cowboy, and Girls Rodeo world, However, it was the back stories that held my attention most seeing Tony chest deep in water with gear on make-shift rafts making his way through almost impassable slot canyons to the use of a loving wife going ahead to shoe off the rattlers. The hanging over a sheer cliff with a camera on a pole is still giving me vertigo panic attacks. I could go on but suffice to say brilliant images with an equally entertaining storyline.

The good news is that Tony starts a series of beginner to expert lectures during our early sessions starting this coming Tuesday 7.00 pm to 7.45 pm. Please note those coming for the main evening please do not arrive before 7.50 pm to enable the early session to be uninterrupted.

The bad news is that there are delays to the roofing work at the Arts Centre venue so it looks as we will be adding October 23rd and October 30th to the temporary accommodation at the museum. This in turn is leading to other challenges and I ask for your understanding as we tweek our programme to make things work.

One of the tweeks is that the Fun Knock-Out competition on the 30th is now Print Only. There are no rules as such other than members can only enter a maximum of two prints, the only thing we ask is that they are mounted so as to give everyone a level playing field. If it helps I will be sending off images for print to DSL Colour Labs by midday this coming Friday 19th and they will be back in time for distribution on Tuesday 23rd, I am not offering to pay for them for you  but by doing it this way you get free carriage/postal cost. A typical example is A3 or 12″x 16″ gloss or lustre is £1.15. If you want another size check out The way the knock-out works is that two randomly selected prints are put side by side and the audience who become the judges select which goes through to the next round. I don’t think we have done it before and it is from a member suggestion in last year’s survey. Because we are not using judges with preconceived ideas and constraints we may get some interesting results, you may have experienced producing images everyone likes but doesn’t get far with an established judge, so bring it on!

This week is our first print competition and I am told we have a good entry but not excessively so we should finish on time although our Competition Secretary is on holiday so anything could happen. Our Master of Ceremony is David Ward and the Judge is Jon Baker MFIAP, EFIAP/p.

Couple of quickies:

Thanks to Colin Close for letting us know  of an excellent free 15 minute video from old friend of the club Simon Waldon on getting your camera setting right.  Worth checking out.

Congratulations to member Julie Hall for getting a feature on her Nature Photography in ‘The Life in a Village’ a Bredon and Cotswolds magazine , tomorrow the nationals maybe!

Jan Goodwin reminds us of the dubious practice in this case from the RSPB photography competition whereby entering  you give up all rights to your image and they can do whatever they like including selling it on to third parties with no compensation or credit to the photographer.

I haven’t heard of any national and international results of late and I know there have been some so please let me know and don’t be modest.

Dave Ward lets us know of the MIDPHOT PANELS EXHIBITION is at Smethwick PS, viewing Monday 15th and Thursday 18th, 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

A reminder to send some of your images off to our two models, Lydia and Sweeney of a few weeks ago, I know a few of you have already, thank you. 

And finally  I am thinking of a ‘For Sale or Wanted Sheet’ which can initially be added to this News Letter.  So any items for sale please let me know (with pictures if possible).

Hope to see you all on Tuesday and don’t forget if you want any prints doing I need the digital images (as big as possible) by mid-day this coming Friday, my email is

Best wishes.

Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Well it’s difficult to establish if our new temporary venue at Avoncroft Museum worked or not as last week being a Studio evening is always chaotic even at the best of times.  However before moving on to this coming week I would like to thank Colin Close, Don Campbell, Tony Frier, Linda Allen and David Jellie who turned up early, cleared the room and set up the lights and backgrounds in unfamiliar surroundings so we could start pretty much on time, and of course those who helped tidy up. Those stairs are steep and seem to get steeper the more times you go up them and what with the toilets at the bottom it might be best to avoid too many refreshment time drinks.

Taking our lights outside in the dark around the old Telephone Boxes was a first and produced some challenges mainly due to light reflection from the glossy paintwork. Still something different. Another ‘thank you’ to the models Lydia and Sweeney who worked hard to give us some interesting images, I hope you all got some that you are pleased with. Part of the deal we have with models is that members send them a small selection from what they have taken, the email addresses are: and This is not an obligatory condition but a courtesy, a way of saying thank you. Also I have put a couple of mine up on our group facebook page, how about a few more from other members

This coming Tuesday is a presentation by our own member Tony Gervis FRPS on photography taken around the USA where he has particularly established himself within the Rodeo Community and being privileged to be made an Honorary Member of the Cody Rodeo Gold Buckle Club. His Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society was achieved with images taken in the amazing Slot Canyons of Utah, Arizona or Nevada so prepare to be blown away with some remarkable images and equally fascinating stories. Timing is tight so we start as soon as we can, have a minimal break time and we might possibly go over a few minutes, but all worth it.

This Tuesday is also handing in for our first Print Competition of the season. There are two sections Mono and Nature and you can put up to three prints into either or both sections, maximum size 20 x 16 inches including mount board. Also can you please send or attach a digital version of the Print for Nigel, our Competition Secretary, for enlarged projection so that those at the back of the room during the competition can see what the judge is talking about on the Print Easel.  

Whilst mentioning Competitions the closing date for the Guernsey Salon ( is the 25th of October but don’t leave it till the last minute as they don’t take online entries so you have to send entries on CD or Memory stick.  A nice touch for those members bent towards portraits  amongst us is that they  separate colour and mono into either Open or Portrait sections. The cost is also reasonable, just £5 per section of up to four images per section.

We have a Committee Meeting coming up on Monday 15th October and although we have much to discuss if any one wants to offer topics for consideration please let me know before 12th October when the agenda will be put together

There is no early group (7.00-7.45 pm) meeting this Tuesday.

Hope to see you Tuesday still at our temporary venue in the Long room, Avoncroft Museum.

Best wishes,

Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

First and most importantly we are having to change venue THIS TUESDAY and for at least the next three weeks due to our normal hall being closed due to major roof work. We are therefore using an alternative venue at the Avoncroft Museum of Building. We will be using their Long Room which is above the Tea Rooms located to the left as you go through the gate onto the site. Their post code is B60 4JR, if you don’t know where it is, it is up the hill (A38) past Morrisons, left at the island, follow the road though the industrial estate to a little island and straight across into their car park.  

This is not an ideal solution but the best that is available other than changing to different nights. The car park is a lot bigger but the Long Room is a bit smaller than what we presently have (a little more cosier perhaps) and being first floor there are steep steps. Although there are ground floor M/F toilets we do not have kitchen facilities so there will only be soft drinks available at refreshment break.  My apologies for any inconvenience this change of venue may cause to some members.

This coming Tuesday we have a Studio Evening which due to space will present us with additional challenges and I ask for your understanding as we try to make the evening as successful as possible. Our models are old friends Sweeney Deville and Lydia Hurley (couple of previous pics attached). I would be grateful for some help setting-up as we will need to get all the studio gear from my car up into the room so any help would be most appreciated, I and the gear will be there at 7pm. Thank you.  

A super success for the first of our monthly competitions last Tuesday, as to be expected due to it being our first competition it was a little over subscribed which meant we over-ran a little but we had a good judge who gave excellent critique and sound advice on how to improve the image, which after all is the main reason for the competitions in the first place. Congratulations to all who entered and particularly those whose images were held back and got a placing. It was great to see some new names up there with some excellent work, well done, it seems the bar is being raised.

Finally a reminder that entries for Dingwall National Photographic Exhibition closes on Sunday 30th September and Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition closes tomorrow Saturday 29th September. Both are digital image entries and acceptances count towards the BPE crown awards.

 Hope to see you at our temporary venue on Tuesday.

Best wishes,

 Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

A big thank you to Dave Riddle and David Jellie for sharing their expertise with the editing programmes ‘Fast Stone Image Viewer’ and ‘Affinity’. Both programmes offering a lot of possibilities to give a little tweak to an image you are already fairly happy with. Alternatively they also give the scope to take an image and then recreate that image to a image from your mind. I heard the phrase “art photography” recently which sort of sums it up. My bit was on Adobe Elements which I still see as a sort of continuity programme which you can start out with in the simplified area of the programme but continue over time to the more advanced areas. The object of the evening was to show the range of editing programmes available from free to pay-for to rented and from simple to advanced. Did we accomplish the objective?  We can always do another software/editing evening if there is demand, please let me know.  

This week we have the first of our monthly competitions which is a digital projection of two sections colour and mono. It looks as though there is a good entry for the judge Bob Train LRPS CPAGB to look at. I don’t think we have had Bob at the club before but several of us watched him judge an external competition last year and were very impressed. Also, unusually for a judge, he has asked to preview the entries so that he can give a more considered approach. This should result in a much better critique as well as better advice on how to improve. Should be a good night.

For those interested in entering national and international competitions as well as attaining photographic distinctions Colin Close has the early (700 – 7.45 pm) slot on the Stage. The week after Tony Gervis starts his series of presentations on taking you from start to accomplished, can’t say finish as we never really ‘finish’ in photography you just get (hopefully) better.

On the walls of Smethwick until 30th September is the SRGB Group National Exhibition. Only open during normal club opening times. Well worth a visit, a lot of outstanding work but check their opening times first

I am presently involved with Colin Close in getting ready for the next Studio Evening and thought it worth mentioning if you or maybe you know someone who would like some photos of themselves as the evening provides an excellent opportunity. Talk to Colin or myself.

Finally, I noticed a bit of male help at last week’s refreshment break, thanks guys, and the ladies of course.

Hope to see you Tuesday.

Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

I have been informed by several members I may have caused some confusion with my reminder of resolution sizes for the PDI Competition in my newsletter. What I should have said is that the height should be no more than 1200 pixels and the width no more than 1600 pixels.

I  suggest you first of all make sure the height is a maximum of 1200 pixels then check out the width to make sure it doesn’t exceed the 1600. pixels, if it does exceed the 1600 you will need to change it to 1600, you will notice that the height in pixels will reduce but this is correct as the image proportion is maintained.

The positive out of this error is that I now know that several members actually read my ramblings. lol.

Best wishes.

Hi All,

And a big welcome to our new members who will be receiving this newsletter for the first time.

I hope you will find the club a place where you can make new friends, immerse yourself in all things photographic, push yourself to meet the challenges but most importantly, enjoy it.  If you are not sure of anything just ask, the only agenda the committee has is to provide the best experience and environment for members now and for the future.

 Any views expressed in this newsletter are my own and sometimes they can be a little critical (some have even said sarcastic) although generally I am looking for the positives. A good example being last week we had booked Warren Alani, a photographer well known for his architectural photography, but he had to pull out at the last minute which was a negative but the positive was we arranged for Claire Carter and she showed us some of the best landscape photography I think I have ever seen, and I do visit many exhibitions. Her presentation of images competed with the best there is, including the Charlie Waite’s and Joe Cornish’s of this world so a brilliant start to our new season.

This Tuesday we have a Members Practical Evening where members have a chance at sharing something with the rest of us which this week is what some refer to as the ‘dark side’ whilst others call the creative or magic side. Yes we are having an evening of digital effects, editing and workflow. Three members have volunteered to show their favourite programmes with possibly four or five different programmes too (‘apps’ to use the modern term).  Although this is all about making you aware of what there is about to improve your images it should also be entertaining as normally the old adage “if anything can go wrong it will go wrong” applies particularly to anything which involves a computer, with bells on.

 Moving further ahead we are having our annual Bill Chambers Memorial Lecture on 6th November which like last year will be in the prestigious Lecture Theatre at Bromsgrove School but this year it will be on a normal Tuesday Club Evening so free to members. Because of cost as well as being naturally magnanimous and wishing to share the opportunity to see and hear from a top of his game photographer we are opening the evening up to non-members for a cost of just £6.00 each. I have attached a poster of the event (hot off the press) which I would ask you to circulate amongst friends or anyone you know with an art or photographic interest. We will have some hard copies available soon.

Finally we still have a need for a Member Liaison Person to represent member interests on Committee and also an apprentice for the Webmaster’s position. The makeup of the refreshment team is still very one sided. Well done Julie Bridgewater and the team but we need some fellers to join the list (although seeing recent facebook posts/videos the ladies seem to be having more fun – quite envious!)

Almost forgot,  it’s also handing in night this Tuesday for next week’s PDI competition, don’t forget the change in resolution is now maximum 1200 x 1600 pixels.

Hope to see you all this Tuesday.

Best wishes,

Roger L


This, That and the Other

Hi All,

Firstly a change to this coming Tuesday’s programme, Warren Alani can’t make it, however Jan Harris has pulled the rabbit out of the hat and found us an equally impressive speaker in Claire Carter. Claire’s a professional photographer covering both family and commercial imagery as well has offering tuition and ‘sell out’ photography workshops. Her main interest is nature and landscapes with a difference as can be alluded to by the title of the presentation ‘Perpetually in Motion’.  Be prepared to be blown away!  

 Last week was a mixed bag as we tried to welcome members and newcomers to a new season:

We handed out some of the remaining certificates and trophies from last year’s awards and the remainder I will post out. 

We also looked at the new programme and what it has to offer with 12 presentations from some of the top speakers around. We have 11 members practical evenings which are still open for content so please let me know what you want or if you can help or have something you can share?

Add 8 monthly competitions, 2 annual competitions, a fun knock-out competition and 3 external interclub competitions we have a full year ahead.

In addition to the main programme we have 19 early (7.00 pm to 7.45 pm) sessions we call development sessions, 4 of which by Colin Close are dedicated to those interested in external competitions and distinctions; Yours truly takes 6 sessions covering editing and lighting. The main feature this year is our member Tony Gervis (who does this professionally) who will take us over the year from picking the camera up for the first time to producing stunning photographs by the end.

The main event of the evening was the showing of 4 members’ (Jan Harris, Jenny Webster, John Davidson and myself) successful entries for the Credit Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). This then just left us enough time for a devilishly clever quiz from David Jellie.

This Tuesday’s early session is on Adobe Photoshop Elements which is geared more to photographers than its big brother Photoshop which covers the entire graphics spectrum.  The reason Elements has been chosen is that although there is now a lot of alternative editing and effects programmes around we have to start somewhere and Elements seems a good starting point.

 A couple of Photo opportunities coming up (as brought to our attention by Les Ladbury) are

First we have British National Ploughing Championships & Country Festival on the 13th & 14 October, check out Lots of great images of steam ploughs and shire horses to be had, always good competition material. Secondly on 28th October there is the 2018 British National Hill Climb Championships at Shelsley Walsh, again sport is good eye candy for the judges. 

Know of any more photo opportunities please let me know and I will try and pass them around. Thank you.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you Tuesday.

 Roger L