Foundation Course Winter 2017

Bromsgrove Photographic Society


A Beginner/Foundation course is available free to new members (£65 non-members)
who have been members for less than 12 months. The course runs from 1 pm to 3 pm over four consecutive Saturdays from 7th October until 28th October and is held at The Meeting Room, Bromsgrove Library.

The course is run by Roger Lewis and assisted by other experienced members of the Society. The course is restricted to 12 members and space is allocated on a first-come-basis.

The course is subject to variation depending on the requirements of the group and Certificates of Achievement are awarded at the discretion of the course leader based on attendance.

The course syllabus is as follows:

Saturday 7th October

Introduction to the course and the group with a brief background history of photography, types of modern cameras including smart phones and tablets.

Explanation of light and its effects on photography, the significance of aperture, shutter speed and sensor sensitivity for photographic effects.

Saturday 14th October

Short recap on previous week and any questions. More in-depth look at camera controls, functions, settings, file formats, white balance, histograms and lenses.

Saturday 21st October

Short recap on previous week and any questions. Camera accessories, flash, tripods, reflectors, filters, composition and perspective.

Saturday 28th October

Recap on previous week and any questions. Digital imaging, review of available software, basic editing and manipulation.