The Early Sessions (Winter 2017/18)

The following provides detail about the ‘early sessions’.

The early sessions :

1) are aimed mainly at the less experienced members of the club although all members are welcome to come along and contribute

2) start at 19:00 and last approximately 45 minutes and are normally held on the stage

3) this season will cover four main topics: BPS monthly competitions, external competitions and exhibitions, problem solving and photo editing. The programme could well change if members ask us to cover different topics

4) are optional, informal and there is no charge. Just turn up if you are interested

5) are designed to help you improve your photographic skills and to get more out of your hobby.

The first early session next Tuesday (12th September) will show you the
setup we use normally and elaborate on some of the points above.

Adrian Butt

Click below to view the complete Early Sessions Programme for 2017 – 2018

Early Sessions