Tip to add BPS Calendar to Android device

How to add the BPS Calendar to a Google Android device

This is designed for phones which use Google such as a Samsung phone. I phones may need a different formula.

Google Calendar:

(Using a laptop/desktop computer for this makes it a lot easier).

  1. Open your google calendar

(You can do this by typing into google ‘google calendar’ then signing into your account).

  1. Select other calendars and from the drop down list then select ‘add a friends calendar’
    BPS C tip 1
  2. In the ‘add by email address’ section type : bromsgroveps@gmail.com

Then select add.

BPS C tip 2

  1. The new photographic calendar should now be showing on the calendar on the screen
  2. Afterwards, go to your phone and go onto your calendar app. (S Planner).
  3. Click on the options menu and ‘sync’ your calendar (If this doesn’t work the first time, sometimes it can take up to 5 mins for google to allow the calendar to be synced to your phone).
  4. This should result in the data being calibrated to your phone calendar.

Mike Troth –  May 2015