Competition Achievements 2019/2020 Season.

Monthly Competitions Aggregates (Sep 2019 – March 2020)

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

Novice Colour                                               Sue Davis

Novice Mono                                                 Ele Rea

Novice Nature                                               Pat Billyard

Open Colour                                                 Len Pugh DPAGB

Open Mono                                                   Michael McIlvaney

Open Nature


Novice Colour                                               Ele Rea

Novice Mono                                                 Ele Rea

Novice Nature                                               Ruth Seadon

Open Colour                                                 Nick Veale

Open Mono                                                   Michael McIlvaney

Open Nature                          Jenny Webster EPSA AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3*

Annual Novice Competition (May 2020) *

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

Best Colour Landscape                                Judith Davison

Best Colour Portrait                                      Sean Bullock

Best Colour Creative                                    Ele Rea

Best Colour Sport                                         Pauline Grainger

Best Overall Colour                                      Judith Davison

Best Mono Landscape                                 Ele Rea

Best Mono Portrait                                       Sean Bullock

Best Mono Creative                                      Anne Galbraith-Jellie

Best Mono Sport                                          Pat Billyard

Best Overall Mono                                        Ele Rea

Best Plant/Fungi                                           Ele Rea

Best Mammal                                               Pauline Grainger

Best Insect                                                   Sean Bullock                                          

Best Bird                                                      Pat Billyard

Best Overall Nature                                     Pauline Grainger

Annual Open Competition (May 2020) *


Best Colour Landscape                               Nick Veale

Best Colour Portrait                                     Colin Close AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE5*

Best Colour Creative                                   Sue Vernon CPAGB

Best Colour Sport                                        Mark Bennett

Best Overall Colour              Jenny Webster EPSA AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3*

Best Mono Landscape                                 Julie Hall CPAGB BPE2*

Best Mono Portrait                                      Jan Harris CPAGB

Best Mono Creative                                     Mike Childs

Best Mono Sport                                          Mark Bennett

Best Overall Mono                                       Jan Harris CPAGB

Best Plant/Fungi                                           Rebekah Nash

Best Insect                                                    Rebekah Nash

Best Mammal                                                Julie Hall CPAGB BPE2*

Best Bird                                Jenny Webster EPSA AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3*

Best Overall Nature                                      Rebekah Nash

* Within the 2020 Annual Competitions there were no print entries due to Covid-19

Best Newcomer To Competition                 Ele Rea

The Peter & Jill Young Trophy for
Photographic Achievement   Jenny Webster EPSA AFIAP DPAGB LRPS BPE3*

The Roger & Gail Lewis Trophy for
Services To The Society                                David Jellie