Winter Season Programme 2021-2022

Subject to change at any time

DateActivityName Lecture title
07.09.21Members’ Night  
14.09.21Lecture / PresentationHunter Kennedy MPAGB EFIAP. Zoom presentation. “A Travelling Show” 
21.09.21Practical Evening  
 Handing In for 1st PDI Competition  
28.09.211st PDI Competition (Colour & Mono Sections)Judge: Michael Krier ARPS MA(Photography) AFIAP  
05.10.21Studio Evening  
12.10.21Lecture / PresentationVOLUNTEER EVENING Night with our Very Own Presenters
 Handing In for 1st Print Competition  
19.10.211st Print Competition (Mono & Nature Sections)Judge: Terry Livesey LRPS 
26.10.21Practical Evening  
02.11.21Lecture / PresentationWayne BrittleANOTHER TIME ANOTHER PLACE
 Handing In for 2nd PDI Competition  

2nd PDI Competition (Colour & Nature Sections)

Rhonda Valley Event. 3.p.m. Interclub Competition.
Judge: Van Greaves FRPS

Event will be via Zoom

Lecture / Presentation

Peter Young “Award Winners of the Welsh Federation”. A commentary on why he thought the judges picked those images

Studio Evening
Handing In for 2nd Print Competition
30.11.212nd Print Competition (Colour & Mono Sections)Judge: Peter Siviter DPAGB EFIAP 
07.12.21Watch this spaceFurther details to be confirmed 
14.12.21Practical EveningTerry Livesey LRPS – Lighting demonstration TBC 
 Handing In for 3rd PDI Competition  
3rd PDI Competition (Mono & Wildlife Sections)Judge: Jenny Webster MPSA SPSA DPAGB EFIAP ARPS BPE4* 
28.12.21No Meeting  
04.01.22New Year Party  

Practical Evening

Knock Out Competition Evening
18.01.22Lecture / PresentationPeter R. Gennard, MFIAP, EFIAP/d1 “PG Tips – Fresh Brew”. The majority of the talk is environmental portraiture. However, there is nature and landscape.
 Handing In for 3rd Print Competition  
3rd Print Competition (Colour & Wildlife Sections)          Judge: Claire Carter 
01.02.22Studio Evening 
08.02.22Practical EveningPAGB Travelling Portfolio 
Handing In for Set Subject PDI Competition – “Making Tracks” 

4th PDI Competition – Set Subject: “Making Tracks”                                          Judge: Phil Cooling FRPS 
 All Sections (Colour, Mono & Nature [not Set Subject])  



Lecture / Presentation

Six Societies Competition

Lucinda Grange

Further details to follow
‘Outside the Lines – exploring above below the public footpath
01.03.22Studio Evening  
 Handing In for Set Subject Print Competition “Weather”  
4th Print Competition – Set Subject: “Weather”                  Judge: Scott Latham 
 All Sections (Colour, Mono & Nature [not Set Subject]) 
5 a side Competition – To be held at Stourbridge 

Lecture / Presentation

 Dave Fieldhouse

 “From fell to footpath” A personal story
of how a landscape photographer tried shooting street for a change,
and got hooked.
29.03.22Practical EveningMCPF Travelling Portfolio 
 Handing in for Novice Annual Competition  
Annual Novice Competition – All Sections, Print & PDI    Judge: Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d1 
12.04.22Lecture / PresentationTerry Livesey LRPS “Going Pro” A talk about my decision to go professional and the lessons learnt
19.04.22Studio Evening  
 Handing In for Open Annual Competition  
Annual Open Competition – All Sections Print & PDIJudge: Louise Hill MPAGB LRPS 
03.05.22Lecture / Presentation David Keep – Ticketed Event 
10.05.22Practical Evening  
17.05.22Studio Evening  
31.05.22Awards Night