Winter Season Programme 2022-2023

DateActivityName Lecture title
30.08.22Open Evening
06.09.21Members’ Night  
13.09.21Lecture / PresentationGlyn Edmunds Wildlife and Work of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy talk
20.09.21Practical Evening  
 Handing In for 1st PDI Competition Colour and Mono Sections 
27.09.211st PDI Competition (Colour & Mono Sections)Judge: Dr Anne Sutcliffe FRPS. EFIAP. APSA. 
04.10.21Studio Evening  
11.10.21Lecture / Presentation
 Handing In for 1st Print Competition Mono and Nature Sections 
18.10.211st Print Competition (Mono & Nature Sections)Judge: Stephen Clifford CPAGB AFIAP BPE3* 
25.10.21Practical Evening  
01.11.21Lecture / PresentationPermajetPrint With Confidence
 Handing In for 2nd PDI Competition Colour and Nature Sections 

2nd PDI Competition (Colour & Nature Sections)

Rhonda Valley Event. 3.p.m. Interclub Competition.
Judge: Colin Walls CPAGB

Event will be via Zoom

Lecture / Presentation

Peter Young Welsh Federation International

Practical Evening/PresentationMichelle EssenonLight Painting
 Handing In for 2nd Print Competition Colour and Mono Sections 
29.11.212nd Print Competition (Colour & Mono Sections)Judge: Bob Train LRPS CPAGB 
06.12.21Knockout Competition 
13.12.21Practical Evening 
 Handing In for 3rd PDI Competition Mono and Nature Sections 
3rd PDI Competition (Mono & Nature Sections) 
27.12.21No Meeting