Practical Group – Testimonials

To: Roger Tyler head of the Practical Group
19th September 2015
Super afternoon Roger, loved it! Thanks for organising 🙂
Hope to make many more Practical Group outings xx

Thanks for a great afternoon Roger. Here’s one of my shots. I’ve added it to the Practical Group Flickr group too.

Stoke Steam 2015 copy

Thank you Roger for reminding us of the steam fair on our doorstep. Pity about the Sun shining all afternoon but you couldn’t do anything about that! Anyway, 6 of us had a good 2 hours – plenty of pictures about and it’s there again Sunday (or go to joisting at Avoncroft Museum).

Team Photo copySteam Up copy

Steam Man copy

20th September 2015
Roger, thanks for organising the Practical Group outing to the Stoke Prior Steam Rally.

Apart from taking photos, of course, the outings are a great way for new members like myself to meet and get to know other members of the club.


Saturday 19th December 2015
Hello Roger
Thanks very much for a wonderful afternoon on Saturday.i really enjoyed it.
Have a few nice pics so many thanks.
Jenny Webster.

At least 8 members will form this month’s Practical Group and you are invited to swell the number.
I am hoping that next Saturday afternoon will be wet so that we can practice photographing wet streets at dusk.
To that end we will meet outside The Guildhall in Worcester at 15-00 (that’s 3-00pm) and proceed to The Shambles where there is cobbled paving and old buildings to set the scene.  Some women of my acquaintance have “volunteered” to provide “foreground interest”!
Please bring umbrellas whether it’s raining or not and perhaps a brimmed hat.
Equipment-wise, I’d suggest 50-200 mm lens range and a tripod.  Flash might be useful and some may want to try wider angle (or should that be wider ankle?) shots.
I’m looking forward to it.
See you on Saturday.

Mr T