Studio Night – 21st February 2015

The first BPS Friday Studio Night of the year

Eight photographers and six members of the Amy Greaves School of Dance plus Amy herself, attended the first Studio night of the year. The venue set up was ready for the 7:30 p.m. start and the dancers were already in their costumes.IMG_C

The setup consisted of 2 scene sets. One was one with a black backdrop with 2 front flash umbrella soft boxes plus 2 rear, front facing, flash strip soft boxes providing separation lighting of the models from the black background.

The second scene had a white backdrop with 3 flash umbrellas. The main light was front left and was a soft box. The second was a rear, front facing, silver reflector flash. The third was a rear, front facing, diffuser flash soft box. All flashes had continuous modelling lights.


The first set up was low key and second high key. Later in the evening the high key set up was used to produce dark silhouettes of the models

Additional equipment included a fan to create windy shots, a smoke machine, a tall ladder for downward shots, various props such as ornate columns, a wicker flower basket, an umbrella and bouquets.

Each scene had its own camera flash trigger for use by the photographers. They were each allocated 3 minutes at a time on each scene in rotation. Those more experienced photographers were able to get at least 40 shots during the 3 minutes.

Camera settings at the outset were determined by flash meter readings and adjusted if necessary by on camera review of shots with reference to the histogram. As the evening went by these settings were further adjusted for different cameras and wide/telephoto zoom lens combinations. The flash box positioning and direction was also changed for different shots.

The successful night finished at 10:00 p.m. and photographers will pass copies of their best images to Amy so that the dancers can have them for their portfolios.