My street photography talks are about pictures I’ve taken around Europe, China and of course the UK.  Obviously the bulk of my talk is on street photography, as this is my real passion; however I do include some other genres to cater for all interests. I explain some of the techniques I use to take my street photographs, what kit I use etc. As a member of Worcester Camera Club I have listened to many photographical talks myself; and as such my talks are enthusiastic, entertaining and informative. I find that the best lectures are funny informative and thought provoking to inspire the audience.

Typically, my talks last approximately 2 hours allowing for a tea break and on the spot Q&A. Timings and content can be tailored to your individual requirements.

My background in photography

During the early 1950s my father was a Photographer/Radiographer in the RAF at Headley Court, which I believe was a rehabilitation centre for pilots and air crew from the Second World War. He continued his interest in photography when he came out of the RAF and had his own darkroom at home. As a boy I would watch him develop his own photographs and this is where my real fascination began. I began to take photographs when I was a 10 year old. My first camera came with what was called an adventure kit. Children of the 1970s would probably know what these are. Noticing my interest my father bought me an Omo Cosmic symbol camera for Christmas.

Twenty years on, although my interest in photography is wide ranging my real passion is for the real and surreal stories and theatre of the street. For me, the street is where much of the pathos, comedy and irony of life can be found, by those willing to stop and look. I believe successful street photography is based on empathy with people and an awareness of the stage on which they move.

Street photography is essentially a form of hunting and as such you need to develop an understanding of the interplay of people in the modern world in which they move and live their lives. In the case of photography, this is first and foremost the visual interplay. I often use monochrome to emphasise the contrasts and gritty realities of life on the street.

Although it is possible to just ‘hang around’ and wait for a lucky shot I have found that I need to ‘get the feel’ of an area and try to develop an awareness of the potential and opportunity for a picture.

This is my passion and what I love to do.

Darren Lesson LRPS

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