Bromsgrove Photographic Society

Grievance and Disciplinary Policy


If any member is aware of any action by another member that is detrimental to BPS they should report it to a Committee Member who will ensure it is dealt with at Committee level.

If any member is affected by the behaviour of another member, or is aware of such behaviour, the following procedure is in place –

1. Raise the issue with the Membership Liaison Officer who will attempt to resolve it and liaise with the Chair/Vice chair as deemed appropriate.

2. If unhappy with the outcome of step 1 they can escalate to the full Committee.


If the Committee find that any member’s behaviour contravenes item 7. Of the Constitution then disciplinary action can be taken. This may be a verbal or written warning from the Committee. In more serious and repeated cases it could result in a suspension or expulsion from Bromsgrove Photographic Society, this would require a three quarter majority of the Committee. A Member whose actions are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Society and/or Photography in general may be expelled from the Society by a three-quarter majority of the Committee

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