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16.06.2024 Vocal Point

Well, here I am again, reporting on a summer programme outing that featured dismal weather but still enjoyable despite the downpours for those of us that braved the rain. I had not been to Wythall Transport Museum before – safe to say that if you like buses you’ll love it, if you hate buses you’ll […]

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09.06.2024 Vocal Point

Well, the weather was not kind to us on the first meeting of the summer program – during the drive to Himley there were the most torrential downpours, and I was fully expecting to get there, sit in the car for 10 minutes, then turn around and go home. But as it turned out, the

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02.06.2024 Vocal Point

Gosh, Sunday again already! So, how do we follow that great night on Tuesday – the climax to a very successful season? With a great summer programme, of course! Next event on the summer programme is this coming Tuesday evening, at Himley Hall (https://www.himleyhallandpark.co.uk). Thanks to Ele for arranging this. She has already circulated details.

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26.05.2024 Vocal Point

Well, that will teach me to pay more attention in committee meetings! How did I end up as chair? First off, thanks to Ele for the great job she has done as chair for the last two years. I know from past experience it can be a very demanding role, and she had quite a

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19.05.2024 Vocal Point

Well here it is my final Vocal Point as we head to the AGM this Tuesday at 8pm {I can change the reminder on my watch now } What a great model Colin organised for us on Tuesday , I hope you enjoyed working with Kym , thank you to Steve W for the taxi

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12.05.2024 Vocal Point

Well i am one of those on the very short list of people who completely missed the Northern Lights show .How did that happen ??. I hope some of you saw it .I have seen some amazing photos on Facebook . I am pleased that the reports back from Tuesday night were of a successful

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05.05.2024 Vocal Point

It was lovely to catch up with Peter Young last week , a long standing member of our club . This week is the last Practical Session of the season . There should be a couple of still life set ups , a water drop set up ,and a rim light set up . For

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28.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday ,I was so impressed with the work submitted from the Novice section. And how lovely to see so many new members joining in the competition and doing well , what a great future we have as a club . Congratulations to all who entered , and do hope it has

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21.04.2024 Vocal Point

What a lovely couple Pat and Junior were on Tuesday .I do hope you all enjoyed the model evening with them . Please do send some images through ,I know there has been a good selection on Facebook ,so thank you to all of you that have sent images . The models love to receive

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14.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well what a fabulous evening we had on Tuesday ,a wealth of knowledge from within our midst. A big thank you to all those who put time and effort in to preparing their presentations , and have the bottle to stand up and present . And to Andy for returning and sharing his images with

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