30.06.2024 Vocal Point

Another action packed week for BPS in the summer programme.

On Wednesday we had the Dog Agility session. As with the previous events Ele has organized, an umbrella was required, but this time as a sunshade! Fortunately the heat subsided enough for the dogs to perform. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, although apparently some guy in a red T-shirt kept getting in the shots. He wasn’t in any of my shots though, so not sure what that was all about… Some great pictures have already appeared on the club’s Facebook pages.

Then yesterday, we had a trip to Lichfield and its cathedral. Not somewhere I had ever been to before, so I found it particularly interesting. Lichfield is a very pretty little city, with lots of old buildings (and lots of dogs – and elephants). There was a little confusion at the cathedral initially about whether it was closed to visitors – but it turned out it was just the chapel at the end that was closed while a service was going on, and even that re-opened after half-an-hour or so. A very impressive building, and again, weirdly, full of elephants and dogs.

I have no doubt we will be seeing photos from both these trips in club competitions this coming year – huge thanks to Ele and Tony G for organizing them.

This week we have a trip to Malvern organized by Jan on Tuesday – I’m looking forward to seeing more of a town I have only visited fleetingly in the past. I hope to see some of you there. Jan has sent out details already, and will no doubt confirm them nearer the time.

There are also lots of events going on around the area that should present plenty of opportunities for photographers – countryside shows, Severn Valley Railway 40’s weekends, car rallies and so on. Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates from Dug on his list of what’s going on.

That’s all for today


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