Member’s critique and advice email facility

The Critique Group is a mailing-list based group where members can submit images for review. Group members then provide constructive critiques, including how they feel the image might perform at competitions, as well as comments on how the image might be improved utilising different processing techniques, shooting techniques, composition and so on.

Prospective new members need not be afraid to join because they think their images are not good enough to submit. This facility has been greatly appreciated by members who have used it and gone on to get much improved results and satisfaction.

Learning and practicing how to give a constructive critique of an image is also a valuable new skill for improving one’s own photographic skills. Critique Group members will sometimes demonstrate their suggestions by posting reprocessed versions of the original image.

The Group is open to members of all experience and skill levels and contributions with feedback are encouraged from everyone in the group.

Please contact if you wish to join the Group or would like more information.

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