The Society runs a Nature Group. The aim is to help others with the art of nature photography.

We will go out over the year and you can get advice on how to get the best from your camera, over the Winter. I will be going to the Butterfly Farm where you can get up close to butterflies and hone your skills. This will be macro work but non macro lenses will work as well.

Due to the work patterns of members most weekdays are not suitable but for retired members Fridays seem a good option. The attached list can be filled in with your name contact number and days available. Other options are Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

If you wish to join the Group, email me with your name, phone no, email address and days you are available, then I can put you on the list and I can get in touch if we go out for the day.

If there’s room in the car for weekends it is not too bad as we can car share and it’s good to get out with experienced members who are happy to put you right.

Are you stuck with a picture you can’t identify? Send me a dpi of it 1400 x 1020 to my email address and I will do my best to get it right with hints on how to improve it for competition. I use Photoshop CS5 and Elements 7.14.15 and also Paintshop Pro.

I print on a Canon printer and use an Epson scanner for pictures, slides and negatives. If you are stuck give me a call, I’m only too happy to help. I’m conversant with printing my own pictures and screen colour calibration. I use Canon cameras with Sigma and Tamron lenses. If in doubt, I can guide you towards the right equipment etc. to suit your financial needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune.

To see the Nature Gallery go to the Bromsgrove Photographic Society web page under the heading: Specialist Groups/Nature Group/Nature Members' Galleries


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