As amended 10th May 2023

1. The title of the Society shall be Bromsgrove Photographic Society.

2. The Objectives for which the Society is established are: The promotion, pursuit and encouragement of photography in an organised environment with competitions, lectures and practical demonstrations in all its forms. Also, the improvement, benefit and recreation of its members in a social and mutually supportive environment.

3. Men and women from eighteen years of age shall be eligible for membership without qualification or discrimination.   Children may attend suitable meetings if accompanied by a member who is the child's parent, guardian or responsible adult authorised by a parent or guardian. The suitability of the meeting will be determined by either, The Chair, Vice Chair, Member Liaison Officer or Programme Secretary. The Society is a practicing equal opportunities organisation and members must abide by its Equal Opportunities Policy a copy of which is available on the web site.

4. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a General Committee consisting of: President, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Competition Secretary, Assistant Competition Secretary, External Exhibitions Secretary, Inter-Club Co-ordinator, Webmaster, Social Secretary, Member Liaison Officer, Publicity Officer and up to six elected members. A Quorum at Committee Meetings should consist of not less than six members. The Committee has the power to co-opt members. The retiring Chair is to serve on the committee ex-officio for one year, unless elected to another office. The Chair of any sub-committees will also serve on the main Committee to which they will report.

5. Officers and Committee Members shall serve from one Annual General Meeting to the next, which shall be held in April or May of each year. The exception is the Chair who will be elected bi-annually and serve for two years. Nominations may be made at the A.G.M. providing the nominee’s written consent has been obtained beforehand. If there are more nominations than vacancies then election will be held by ballot.

6. Should an exhibition be held the General Committee shall appoint an Exhibition Committee, and such other sub-committees as it considers desirable. All activities of sub-committees will be subject to General Committee approval.

7. Grievance and Disciplinary Policy


If any member is aware of any action by another member that is detrimental to BPS they should report it to a Committee Member who will ensure it is dealt with at Committee level.

If any member is affected by the behaviour of another member, or is aware of such behaviour, the following procedure is in place –

1. Raise the issue with the Membership Liaison Officer who will attempt to resolve it and liaise with the Chair/Vice chair as deemed appropriate.

2. If unhappy with the outcome of step 1 they can escalate to the full Committee.


If the Committee find that any member’s behaviour contravenes item 7. Of the Constitution then disciplinary action can be taken. This may be a verbal or written warning from the Committee.

In more serious and repeated cases it could result in a suspension or expulsion from Bromsgrove Photographic Society, this would require a three quarter majority of the Committee. A Member whose actions are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Society and/or Photography in general may be expelled from the Society by a three-quarter majority of the Committee.

8. The Annual Subscription shall be determined at a General Meeting of the Society as and when necessary. Subscriptions shall be due on 1st September annually and must in any event be paid by 1st November of the same year but new members shall have three visits, if they so wish, before being expected to join. Members 65+, unemployed or a student shall pay a lower subscription, the amount to again be decided at General Meeting.

9. An Extraordinary Meeting may be called at the written request of a minimum of five members. Both General and Extraordinary Meetings require a minimum of fourteen days prior notice to the Membership.

10. The Accounts of the Society shall be subject to independent review by a suitably qualified person prior to submission to the Annual General Meeting. The financial year shall end on the 31st March. Any separate accounts of sub-committees shall be subject to similar review and statements shall be submitted to the General Committee and the Treasurer. The income and property of the Society wheresoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Society as set forth in paragraph 2 hereof.

11. Vice Presidents shall be sanctioned by the Committee.

12. Each member shall have the privilege of introducing visitors to Society events and their names shall be entered in the Visitors’ Book. Attendances shall also be recorded at all ordinary and Committee Meetings.

13. In the event of the Society being dissolved, or otherwise ceasing to exist, its property and remaining funds shall be transferred to the Midland Counties Photographic Federation to be held in trust and made available at the discretion of the said Federation for any Photographic Society which may be created in the area covered by the previous Society.

14. Amendment to the Constitution or any change in membership subscriptions can only be made at a General Meeting of the Society.

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