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05.05.2024 Vocal Point

It was lovely to catch up with Peter Young last week , a long standing member of our club . This week is the last Practical Session of the season . There should be a couple of still life set ups , a water drop set up ,and a rim light set up . For […]

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28.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday ,I was so impressed with the work submitted from the Novice section. And how lovely to see so many new members joining in the competition and doing well , what a great future we have as a club . Congratulations to all who entered , and do hope it has

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21.04.2024 Vocal Point

What a lovely couple Pat and Junior were on Tuesday .I do hope you all enjoyed the model evening with them . Please do send some images through ,I know there has been a good selection on Facebook ,so thank you to all of you that have sent images . The models love to receive

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14.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well what a fabulous evening we had on Tuesday ,a wealth of knowledge from within our midst. A big thank you to all those who put time and effort in to preparing their presentations , and have the bottle to stand up and present . And to Andy for returning and sharing his images with

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07.04.2024 Vocal Point

Well wasn’t Tuesday a great evening ,kicking off with Beks explaining editing techniques ,to a full stage of members . And then the Annual Open Competition ,with prints and PDI’s ,a great judge who made lots of encouraging comments and had a very tough job to sort out winners . What an amazing display of photography our

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31.03.2024 Vocal Point

Good morning ,  Isn’t easier now technology sorts out the time change ,it’s like you don’t even notice till it’s lighter ,later . I hope you all enjoyed the travelling portfolio,I really enjoy seeing different work and editing styles .It is very refreshing and can help you see pictures you may not have seen before

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24.03.2024 Vocal Point

I offered to send this week’s Vocal Point on behalf of Ele, since she wasn’t able to attend the session on Tuesday and therefore would not be able to say how good it was. I suppose I might be biased, since it was right up my street both in terms of the subject matter of

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17.03.2024 Vocal Point

A good night on Tuesday with a new model. Please please do send some images through, this is the only way we will keep our models committed to our club .  They are so disappointed if they don’t get any .   This week kicks off with JENNY AT 7PM with a talk about creativity

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10.03.2024 Vocal Point

A busy week for BPS with a great print evening and a good show at Stourbridge too .  New members joining us is great to see and is swelling our numbers and making us a really buoyant club, the future is definitely looking bright for BPS . This Tuesday is Model Night . 7.45 for

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03.03.2024 Vocal Point

I hope you all enjoyed seeing Elise again , she never fails to impress us with her outfits and poise . A pleasure to work with please do send even a couple of images to her .She is always so pleased to receive them ,and acknowledges you quickly . It is important to look after

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