09.06.2024 Vocal Point

Well, the weather was not kind to us on the first meeting of the summer program – during the drive to Himley there were the most torrential downpours, and I was fully expecting to get there, sit in the car for 10 minutes, then turn around and go home. But as it turned out, the rain stopped just in time for those of us that took the chance to be rewarded with a most enjoyable outing – there was even a bit of sunshine from time to time, just enough for some nice evening light on the grebes.

For anyone that is not familiar with Himley Hall Park, it’s a lovely venue, with all sorts of wildlife on and around the lake – the star attractions were the Great Crested Grebes, who were taking it in turns to carry their young chicks on their backs while the mate went off to fetch fish. A little bit too distant and not quite enough light for any truly amazing photos (at least, that’s my excuse) but very fun to watch. Also fun to watch were the occasional low fast passes by kingfishers (on one occasion, a pair). Too fast and not enough warning to have any chance of photographing them but still great to watch.

Many thanks to Ele for organizing the trip, and to Richard Parkes for providing the local knowledge about where the best wildlife sightings were to be found.

The next date on the Summer programme is this coming Saturday, at Wythall Transport Museum https://www.wythall.org.uk – once again Ele has volunteered to lead, and hopefully this time we should be less at the mercy of the weather. The address is Chapel Ln, Wythall B47 6JA. Entrance fee applies.  Meet at the entrance at 11 am.

If you are interested in the dog agility be sure to contact Ele as soon as possible as numbers are limited

The full list of events on the programme is available via this link – https://www.bromsgroveps.com/summer-programme-2024/

Richard Chapman

Chair, Bromsgrove Photographic Society

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