Inspiration in Monochrome

Dave Yates’ work could be entitled ‘Memories’ since most of it captures images that are reflective of the passage of time.

Through his monochrome photography he treats the viewer to some stunning images which gives an insight into his perception and intense view of the world in which we live – of the past as well as the present.

His monochrome images are portrayed in a loose yet direct style and his usage of shapes within sceneries, renders colour unnecessary in conveying the sense of mystery within the landscape.

Using the gradient of dark colours he produces pictures that are both challenging and informative.

With his skilful application of natural and often low lighting conditions, the subtle use of grains and textures he introduces a quiet tension in his pictures and adds compelling drama to some of his work.

Frequently using backdrops of natures’ design, he alters the visual context of his images in such a manner that even an old and broken window graphically describes the links between the inside and outside worlds; and isolated corners exude pulling tranquillity rather than neglect.

Observation and attention to detail are evidenced in his collection of monochrome images and these elements draw the viewers’ eyes intuitively to the focal point of each image, immediately bringing the picture to life and encouraging the viewer to imagine what the past there must have been like.
Dave’s collection is an interesting one and is worthy of each minute of a viewer’s time.

Dr. D. McAuslan

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