Creative UK Photographer

Graham has been an active photographer for over 25 years, gaining many international gold medals and thousands of acceptances in International Salons.

He specialises in sports and creative image making, and has a wide portfolio of images

Studio Images
Using his own home studio, he takes portraits for small groups and individuals Working from his own home studio in Northampton, graham has the flexibility to shoot, small groups and individual portraits.  Different effects are created with the use of a wide range studio backgrounds and lighting

Sports Images
Having been an active sportsman, he has an eye for the action and drama of the event. Graham explores how an image is dynamic in the way it reflects speed, energy and competition. Some images reflect this through the athlete’s facial expression or body shape. Some reflect the dynamic through motion, dust, snow or spray.

Travel Images
Travelling extensively Graham has photographed many iconic places in all weathers.

Creative Images
Many of Graham’s images are montages often involving people and locations. The sense of place and the setting is an important aspect of being able to tell a story. The images vary from the surreal to the slightly altered reality

Photo Club Talks
Graham has produced two imaginative digital presentations aimed at photographic club audiences. Although he specialises in Sports, Creative and Travel photography there is a little something for everyone.

The mix of AV and discussion with a splash of humour provides an inspirational blend of tips, techniques and ideas.

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