Photography has played an important part in my life ever since I was a teenager and I have been an active member of the Worcestershire Camera Club for over 40 years. I run the WCC Digital Imaging group and organise monthly meetings, practical workshops and photographic trips to various locations throughout the UK and the continent.

I enjoy sharing my photographs and also helping other photographers through lecturing in Prints, Projected Images and Audio-Visual. I also run workshops on Adobe Lightroom for Permajet, my inkjet paper suppliers. My fourth book ‘Painter 12 for Photographers’ was published in 2011 by Focal Press.

Most of all I enjoy taking photographs. My inspiration comes from the world around me and I particularly enjoy creating pictures that intrigue. In the camera I often use multiple exposures to add texture, and camera movement to create impressions rather than reality. I am currently a panel member for the RPS Licentiateship awards.

Outside of photography I have a great love of music (listening that is – I cannot play) I enjoy a wide range from Classical to Blues, Indian to Rock, but my especial love is Opera which I watch and listen to on a regular basis.

Martin Addison FRPS

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Presentation – About ‘Looking Outside the Frame’

The subtitle is ‘how not to take competition winners!’

If you want to win competitions you should study what is doing well and copy it in your own way. That is however a very poor way of improving your photography and not very satisfying.

The aim of this presentation is to explore different ways of seeing photographs, looking at many different techniques designed to make you stand out from the other photographers around you. Taking a different approach is unlikely to win you prizes, but will result in more diverse and interesting images which will give you greater satisfaction.

The subjects and techniques will be drawn from the following topics:

Learning to See,

How to see Landscapes,   A Snail’s Eye View,           Bokeh,          Lens-Less, Blurs,
Using a Fisheye,               Shooting from the Knee,   Infra Red,      Light Painting,
Long Exposures,              Camera Movement,           Subject Movement,
Multiple Exposure,            Mirroring, Projects,            365 Project,  Flatbed Scans,
Flowers in Ice,                  Flowers in Fizzy Water,     Ice Painting, Water Droplets,
Oil on Water,                    Sound Sculptures,            Bubbles,        Smoke,
Computer techniques.

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