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Slideshows and Talks

The following are examples of nearly twenty slide shows that I use. I will gladly send you a full list if you contact me on my email.

‘Peru the Land of the Incas’
To Lima and onto Lake Titicaca, then a high Andes trek to the lost city of Machu Picchu.

‘The Real Dad’s Army’
True memories of our wartime Home Guard. As working civilians they had an eventful time training to protect Britain. Was it really like the TV- series?

‘ China’ s Ancient.and Modern Treasures’
An intriguing mixture of traditional and modern life. It has stunning scenery, vast rivers, bustling cities, many ornate royal palaces, and at Xian, the amazing Terracotta Warriors!

‘From Pinholes to Pixels’
The evolution of the photographic image from the pioneers to today’s digital technology.

The shows are available for daytime or evening meetings and help the work of
Research UK.

Audience support is always appreciated.
It will assist if the room can be darkened.
To discuss and arrange a slideshow and talk, please use email me, details above.


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