Great Witley Church

On Saturday 17th January, the Practical Group met at Great Witley Church to make (mainly) interior images of the baroque decoration.  Such embellishment is unusual in British churches and we are fortunate in have an example close by.   The range of member abilities was a nice spread from expert through improvers to relative beginners although some graduates of the recent BPS instructional courses seem to have a very firm grounding in the craft.

I found the situation challenging as it was difficult to find a perspective that was different from the conventional wide-angle, all-encompassing shot.  Low down and close-up seemed to give some hope.  Others focussed on the ecclesiastical artefacts to be found and the volunteer custodian allowed us access to the gallery.  The acoustics being excellent, I was tempted to burst into one of the energetic hymns, known as West Gallery (from whence they were sung) that were supressed by the Victorians,  but re-considered in the light of the suffering already in the world!

I think we all drew as much from the social interactions as from the sharing of photographic observations and skills.

Examples of our endeavours are on:

Next practical Group excursion is on 22nd February – to the Avoncroft Museum of Buildings for the Waking the Windmill event.  You could join us.

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