4th Print Competition

24th March 2015
Judge Malcolm Ranieri
Title Author Award
The Adams Sisters Mike Troth st
Mud Bath Mike Troth 2nd
Kimmeridge Bay Julie Hall 3rd
Tough Guy Mud Craw Mike Troth Highly Commended
Reflection of Old in New John Davidson Commended
Title Author Award
Ready to Go Jan Godwin 1st
The Painting Mike Troth 2nd
Samurai Mike Troth 3rd
Cloe Mike Troth Highly Commended
Cascade John Davidson Commended
Title Author Award
Female Red Grouse Jan Godwin 1st
Dipper Jan Godwin 2nd
Honey Fungus Roger Tyler 3rd
Female Banded Demoiselle Fred Thompson Highly Commended
Junvenile Brown Rats Jan Godwin Commended
Great Spotted Woodpecker Dave Riddle Commended
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