Annual Open Competition 2014-15

Annual Open Competition
5th May 2015
Judge:  John Hartshorne
Title Author Award
Abandoned Cottage Jan Godwin 1st
Eastern Beauty Colin Close 2nd
That Certain Look Colin Close 3rd
The Adam’s Sisters Mike Troth Highly Commended
Misty Morning Peter Garnett Highly Commended
Jet Pilot Barry Green Highly Commended
Men Outside Mike Troth Commended
Wreck Jan Godwin Commended
Spring Trio Peter Garnett Commended
Title Author Award
Street Fighter Colin Close 1st
Morning Mist John Davidson 2nd
Woman in Black Barry Green 3rd
Sadness Roger Tyler Highly Commended
Commandos Mike Troth Highly Commended
The Painting Mike Troth Commended
The Red Scarf Roger Tyler Commended
St Andrew’s Church, Ombersley Mike Cox Commended
Title Author Award
Arctic Tern with Sand Eels #2 Barry Green 1st
Red Squirrel Barry Green 2nd
Male Ptarmigan Jan Godwin 3rd
Female Red Grouse Jan Godwin Highly Commended
Kingfisher with 2 Minnows Barry Green Highly Commended
Honey Fungus Roger Tyler Commended
Poppy John Davidson Commended
Head of East African Crowned Crane Fred Thompson Commended
Snow Bunting Dozing Jan Godwin Commended
Title Author Award
Gaze Colin Close 1st
The Front Line Mike Troth 2nd
Jet Ski Racer Barry Green 3rd
Long Stay Carpark Colin Close Highly Commended
Helm Crag John Davidson Highly Commended
Fan Dance Colin Close Commended
Zombie in the Crypt Barry Green Commended
Red Gondolas St George’s Mike Troth Commended
Lily Stigma Rebekah Nash Commended
Title Author Award
Women of the Abbey Mike Troth 1st
Prize Fighter Barry Green 2nd
Flat Out Barry Green 3rd
Peter Barry Green Highly Commended
Arborial Armaggedon Roger Tyler Highly Commended
Salt Pan Citadel Roger Tyler Commended
Mud Crawl Mike Troth Commended
Title Author Award
Tree Frog Roger Tyler 1st
Kingfisher with 2 large Minnows Barry Green 2nd
Red Squirrel Reflection 3 Barry Green 3rd
Blue Tit Parus Caeruleus Fred Thompson Highly Commended
Aggressive Hornet Dave Riddle Highly Commended
Gatekeeper Butterfly Fred Thompson Commended
Female Banded Demoiselle Fred Thompson Commended
Hoverfly Jan Harris Commended
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