1st meeting of the Summer Programme

On Tuesday 2nd June a good turnout of twenty members met in the Waitrose car park in Droitwich for the first of the Summer Programme events. This one was led by our new Chairman, Roger Lewis, who was in a ‘fowl’ mood as he brought along a lifelike chicken in the hope that it might be an interesting prop for some shots. Everyone there had winter woollies on but we were glad the weather had changed for the better. At the end of the meeting there was lots of discussion about f-stops and depth of field (see photos).

D-C-1w D-G-1w

D pub 3  D-Pub-2w

The following is a message from Colin Close.
Next week (Tuesday 9th June) at the Lickeys there will be an opportunity for short walks. However, if any of our less experienced members are interested I’d be happy to take a small group (say, 4 maximum) for session on outdoor portraiture – probably more talking than walking. All I would ask is for you to be familiar with changing settings on your camera e.g. exposure (aperture priority/manual), Focusing (manual/auto – spot focus), ISO ( 100 +). Re pop-up flash – can you change intensity of the flash – find menu to do this (may not apply to non SLR cameras). Bring any reflectors you might have. Lens about 60mm-90mm good but zooms covering this and going wider and longer will give you lots of options. No need to come overloaded and no need for tripods. You might want to bring the instruction manual for your camera.

I won’t be hurt if few interested but if over subscribed I will shout for help from other experienced members!


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