11th March email from Jan

Hi all,

I go to Sheffield to help with preparations on Monday and fly with 52 others on Tuesday 15th March to Kathmandu.

I achieved my challenge of no alcohol for 61 days on 8th March and it wasn’t as hard as I thought, although I did think I would lose several pounds and I might even get some brain cells restored but alas, I am still fat and thick!

Anyway that is of no consequence because I made a load of money through your generosity.  Thank you so much!

I sent a cheque to the school for £1500 which is amazing.  Thanks to my work colleagues who have donated and bought in items to take with me for the Nepalese children who lost so much in the earthquake.  Thanks too for the support and donations from my photographic club and all my other friends who have been so supportive and generous.

I will be in touch with a few photographs of where your money has been spent and a report, when I return home on 5th April.

Take care everyone,

Jan Harris

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