Pete Garnett

Pete, a past Chairman of the Society, passed away during the early hours of Sunday 27th November 2016 after a very brave battle with his health. He leaves a wife Angela and daughter Tara.

The funeral is on 13th December at 9:00 am at Redditch crematorium.

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Tributes have been coming in from those in the Society who knew him.

Just a few words which I feel are not really adequate but the best I can do.

Firstly Peter loved his photography and he liked to share his images, knowledge and enthusiasm which made the Club so important to him. He took over as Chairman as the Club was going through a difficult time but was instrumental in inspiring members to take back the reigns and start moving the Club forward again. Peter was a moderniser, motivator and an excellent organiser yet with both feet firmly on the ground and his wisdom on committee was greatly valued. 

Above all Peter was a really nice guy who always had time to talk and prepared to offer his sage like advice if asked. The Club has much to thank Peter for and he will be greatly missed by his many friends and a grateful Club.
Roger Lewis.

Roger has already described Peter in words with which I heartily agree.  I particularly remember when the Young’s were leaving the Committee and no other members of the old guard had the IT knowledge to take on the database duties of running the annual exhibition.  Peter stepped forward, took over those reigns and did an admirable job.

The last couple of years he has fought bravely against his illness and until recently I really thought that he was winning the fight. 

He was a truly nice guy, quiet and unassuming, and my thoughts go out to Angela and the rest of his family at this very sad time.

A real loss to all who were lucky enough to know him.
Nigel Taylor

I remember Pete as  a newly arrived member of the club who very quickly got involved especially with the final annual exhibitions that we held. He joined the Committee and very quickly seemed to become the Chairman! He was keen on learning techniques from others and also helping less experienced members with their questions. 
I helped him arrange photo displays in public areas eg local medical centre. In photography he had an interest in architecture both modern buildings as well as cathedrals. Together we enjoyed visits to the new libraries in both Birmingham and Worcester. More recently he enjoyed doing more studio sessions with models. Together we had 3 annual photographic sessions with Bromsgrove Choral Society producing publicity material for them to use. As well as being a member of Bromsgrove Photographic Society he also joined Smethwick Society as well. That took care of most Tuesday and Thursday evenings!
He was a  friendly approachable person and remained as active as he could despite his health problems over the past couple of years or so. He  became frustrated that he couldn’t get out as much as he would have wanted in his last months but remained keen to be kept up to date with club activities.
Colin Close

I didn’t personally know Peter well as (unfortunately) he had been in poor health since my time at the Club but I know he will be missed personally by many members. 

My main contact with Peter was via the Committee meetings.  His commitment to the Society was evident; sometimes turning up when not feeling too well;  helping guide some of the discussions using his vast knowledge of our constitution and history. He will be sorely missed.
Linda Allen

Like Linda, I didn’t know Pete well. However, I admired the way that he always wanted things at BPS to be done “properly”, whether at BPS Meetings or in Committee. He was, to coin a phrase, a good egg.
Derek May

I joined the photographic society, with my partner, John, when Peter was chairman. We felt a bit daunted at joining a group with such well established members but Peter made us feel very welcome. He was there with many words of wisdom encouraging us gently to get involved and to give it a go at entering the competitions. I owe so much to Peter for that initial welcome and for his commitment to see things through. Even when he was unwell he still made every effort to attend committee meetings in the hope of seeing the club progress. Thank you Peter, although many new members did not have chance to know you, you have left a lasting legacy and will be missed by those who knew and loved you.
Jan Harris

I did not really get to know Peter that well as I have only been in the club for 15 months. But from the odd conversations I had with him, I found him to be very knowledgeable but quietly modest. A rare combination.
Adrian Butt

Pete was a mentor and friend to me and was especially helpful when I joined the Society and took on my role. On a couple of occasions he and Angela met up with Jenny and I for coffee which was very nice. He never held it against me that I owned a Canon.
Tony Hawksbee

I was saddened to hear that Pete had recently passed away, after bearing his illness so bravely.
From the moment I joined the Society in 2008, he was always so welcoming and inspirational to me.
I will always remember his willing contributions to the BPS.

Rest in Peace my Friend.
Mal Ogden

I didn’t know Peter Garnett that well but I knew him enough to understand he was an excellent photographer, a true supporter of our Photographic Club in Bromsgrove and a gentleman. My thoughts are with his lovely wife and family during this very sad time.

Don Campbell

Peter was a truly kind and unassuming man. He helped me a lot when I first joined the club and always had time to chat and help with any information that I needed to help me settle in.  He was a true inspiration and will be sadly missed.

Jill Howe



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