Studio Group Session 7th April 2017


The Studio Group met on April 7th for another session aimed mainly at beginners. The model was Jon who is well known to BPS in recent years. His characteristic rugged looks are great for contrasty male portraits. He has recently changed his look with shorter hair and a goatee beard. We started with mainly single light for portraits and moved onto  him stripped to the waist and pulling on a rope. Finally he donned boxing gloves for some, possibly clichéd, poses!

Special thanks to Adrian Butt who provided the link between cameras and a large TV screen so we could view, almost in real time, our pictures. This was valuable in demonstrating changes in the light set up. Jon benefited from receiving pictures afterwards for his portfolio and to pass onto agencies for his film and TV work.

It is hoped to arrange future sessions on a 6-8 week basis.



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