Midland Bank Trophy 2017

I’m delighted to report that BPS retained the trophy for a further year after scoring 290 points against Redditch with 283 and Studley with 280.
Meanwhile particular congratulations to Colin Close, Julie Hall and Sue Vernon who all achieved the maximum score of 20 with one of their photos.

Well done all.
































Bromsgrove Photographic Society.

Midland Bank Trophy 2017.

Print Selection.                                                                                                  Score.

Bound                                                            James Fountain                              19
Waiting                                                          Jan Harris                                        17
A Moment With Myself                                  Jenny Webster                                18
Crusaders                                                     John Davidson                                 17
And The Mist Rolls In                                    Len Pugh                                         17
Tarn Hows                                                    Mike Childs                                       19
Elephant Herd                                               Roger Tyler                                      18
Heron                                                            Sue Vernon                                      20


PDI Selection.

The Boxer                                                     Colin Close                                        20
Old World Service                                        Colin Close                                        19
Long Eared Owl on tree                               Dave Ward                                        18
Loch Lomond                                               Jan Harris                                          16
Collecting The Firewood                              Jenny Webster                                  18
Red Squirrel                                                 Julie Hall                                            20
The Longing Look                                        Len Pugh                                           17
Egret on Papyrus                                         Roger Tyler                                        17


TOTAL BROMSGROVE SCORE.                                                                       290

Redditch Photographic Society                                                                            283

Studley Camera Club                                                                                           280


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