3rd Monthly Print Winners 2017/18

  3rd Monthly Print Competition 2017/18.
Novices Mono.    
First Smoking Gun Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second Assessing The Situation Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Third If We Don’t Look It’s Not There Mark Bennett
Highly Commended Please Don’t Leave Me This Way Mark Bennett
Novices Nature    
First Otter On Rock Les Coombes
Second Malachite Butterfly Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Third Fern In Lava Rock Les Coombes
Highly Commended Charafez Cithaonor Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Open Mono    
First In The Snow Roger Tyler
Second Llanddwyn Island Len Pugh
Third Frosty Highland Julie Hall
Highly Commended Working Out Colin Close
Highly Commended Morning Mist over Hope Valley, Peak District Mike Childs
Commended Toned Vocals Roger Lewis
Commended The Westerner Len Pugh
Commended Dirty Feet Jan Godwin
Open Nature    
First Robin in Winter Julie Hall
Second Elephant Bonding Roger Tyler
Third Kingfisher Julie Hall
Highly Commended Stink Horn John Davidson
Highly Commended Tawny Owl Mike Childs
Highly Commended Common Toad Jan Godwin
Highly Commended Female Sparrow Hawk Jenny Webster
Commended Purple Heron Roger Tyler
Commended Water Rail Jenny Webster
Commended Silkmoth Caterpillar, First Moult Dave Riddle
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