06.11.2022 Vocal Point

Dear All 

What  fabulous presentation about printing ,hopefully it has inspired some of you to fire up your printers – I have moved the box mine is in ! 

This week we have our 2nd PDI competition with a very healthy entry, and the judge Colin Walls has asked for a prompt start to enable him to give as much time as possible to his critique .

And an interactive early session with David Jellie  on the exposure triangle .

Following on from the display we did at Bromsgrove Arts , we had a lot of interest and a visitor on the back of it ,so well done and thank you to all who got involved .

I was asked by several members about purchasing T shirts .We don’t have any at the moment but I am looking at sourcing some locally coming in around £15 for a black t shirt with full logo on the whole front .

If you could let me know if you would be interested I would be grateful . If there is enough interest I will look at ordering and then possibly caps or whatever people would like .

Many thanks 


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