08.01.2023 Vocal Point

With such a great start to the year with the Party on Tuesday we can be looking forward to all that is in store at the club.

This Tuesday we have a double bill of Tony Gervis , the early class will be looking at projects and finding pictures in everyday places . Something Tony excels at . 

The main event is a talk from his travels , if previous presentations are anything to go by we will be entertained in many ways with images and stories of his travels . I am certainly looking forward to it .

The print competition is open so please look at entering your Colour or Nature images .

Wednesday night is an evening at Smethwick -from Colin’s email  Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography on Wednesday January 11th -doors open 7pm with time to view 250 prints before 8pm projected mono, colour acceptances and Nature Awards.

See Exhibition Dates and Tickets – Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography for details. The exhibition opens the first full w/e in January and tickets purchased in advance recommended for w/e visit.. Our Wednesday visit will be ok for pay at the door.

Venue is minutes from J2 of M5 – The Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury B69 2AS (historically they met in Smethwick and kept the name when moving to current excellent facilities which they own).

We have had some interesting information sent through from David about looking at why you have taken the image and whether it is conveys your expectations . An interesting read for sure .

See you all on Tuesday 


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