29.01.2023 Vocal Point

Good Morning members ,

A very busy and long morning yesterday – Anne ,David,Tony H,Dennis ,Ian and myself gathered at the library to put the display of prints up.

We have this great Town Centre space for a whole month .The display looks amazing and represents all genres of photography and styles of work . We have used at least one print from each member who provided prints for this ,so everyone that can be has been represented .

Please do try to pop down to the library to support the exhibition and enjoy seeing the excellent work produced by our members .

Other clubs are struggling to produce any prints ,so we should be proud of  how flourishing we are and I hope any of you that don’t produce your work in to print will be encouraged to do so . 

It brings a different dynamic to your work and is very rewarding .

There are printers within the club who are always happy to answer questions.

This Tuesday will kick off at 7pm with Colin talking about Family Albums followed by Travelling Portfolio -sit back , relax and enjoy work from other clubs ,this is always thought provoking . I look forward to seeing you Tuesday I am off to take a picture of something ugly !

I forgot to include that the club heard of the death of one of our previous members David Eyre, some of you may remember him , he was a member some some years ago . It is always sad to hear news like this , we send our best wishes to his family.


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