12.03.2023 Vocal Point

Morning to all of you-

Tuesday night was saved by Peter Gennard stepping in to the breach very last minute and an entertaining last print competition was had .

For those of you who weren’t there Tuesday  we had a card to sign for Beks who has been very ill ,she is now home from hospital but still has lots of recovery to get through .

There will be a card on Tuesday for you to sign , as we all wish her a speedy return to herself . There is also a collection so we can get her a present from the club for those that wish to put something in . (or you can do a bank transfer if preferred -Linda is happy to sort this .reference Beks) 

 This coming Tuesday is a studio evening –

Colin has written – 

I’ve arranged for Emma to return with different outfits to last time and we can arrange different backdrops as well. We may be shooting on the stage with 2-3 backdrops.

We can still set up the white large backdrop in the hall and I’m able to have groups of 2-3 for 10 minutes or so to demonstrate lighting. If we use continuous lighting we will need to use members own lights as well as the clubs.

Those who have own continuous lights please bring them along.

Access to Emma will be organised and timed as before. Please sign the “order of shooting” list .

For my demo I will need 2-3 volunteers to act as the model. No experience needed! Demos will be aimed at beginners and please organise yourselves informally. Maybe we could have 3 chairs nearby for the waiting group so that when we change another 3 can be seated.

Please help setting up from 7pm (is that ok with key holders???)

Finally, Emma has not received any images from her first shoot. Please sent her some or even just one.


Emma’s details :  emmavlh25@hotmail.com

Can I ask you to send some images please – I have sent her 10 over and she was delighted .We need to keep our models on our side so they return .So a couple of images each please !!

Last time you were very helpful with set up and put away which made it a successful evening ,if we could have similar I would be really grateful.

 See you all Tuesday with your cameras .

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