21.05.2023 Vocal Point

Hope you are all up to something exciting today.

Thanks to Colin for securing another new face this week , Macy was a pleasure to work with and please do send her some images .

Thanks to the builders and demolishers of the set up -always grateful to you for your help.

She is building up her portfolio and we want her to say yes next time she is asked .

So next week is the AGM , I know it isn’t the most exciting night of the calendar (did I say that out loud ?) . But it is good to show your support and to come along please .

I have included the summer programme again-as different events have been added -so lots of choice .

If it has a name and a day of the week -it is a BPS summer programme event and meeting details will be sent out .The rest are suggestions .

Beks and Anne will be posting on the BPS Out and About Group on Facebook of events etc .If you are off out with your camera and fancy some company you can  post on there it is a closed group. Lets try to make this summer active and exciting  .

The Awards Night is full which is brilliant news -a cancellation list is running .

There will be a raffle on Awards Night so please bring some pennies .

See you Tuesday 

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