18.06.23 Vocal Point

Another sunny morning,

Well a fabulous trip to the Butterfly Farm,enjoyed by many members.Thank you to Tony for arranging this for us .

An interesting evening at the cycling playing with shutter speeds .

I am pleased to see everyone getting involved with the club outings ,it is lovely to stay in contact during the summer months and go out and about with like minded people.

This Tuesday is the Dog Agility ,which I am really looking forward to , Lester will be strutting his stuff. I will send out venue arrangements to those who have booked .

I am pleased I have manage to accommodate everyone who has asked to join in ,the session is now full.

Beks is arranging the trip to Monkwood,with a slight date tweak so watch this space .

Events are added weekly so please do have a skim through the summer programme at the bottom to see if anything interests you .

Please let me or Guy know of anything coming up that I can add .

I need numbers for Bodenham Arboretum (6/7 6.30 pm ) please ,let me know ASAP , I have booked a table .There are 10 of us atm so should be a great social evening .

Enjoy the weather 


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