09.07.2023 Vocal Point

Well this week we had some more adventures .

On Monday evening there was a wander around the old village of Chaddesley Corbett,which proved to be a very sociable evening ,thanks to Guy for organising that .

On Thursday a group of us met at Bodenham Arboretum ,for a pleasant wander , not too many critters but some donkeys and a playful collie to entertain us . We finished the evening with a superb carvery overlooking the lake . I could barely move on the way home . One to go back to for sure .

This week is the Black Country Museum ,1940’s weekend .Guy has sent an email with arrangements on , but I believe it is a 7pm meet for those those going .

It is also 1940’s at Halfpenny Green Airport .

You should get some great pictures ,if they are crowded in the back ground you can always cut out the subject and pop a different background in !

I’m not able to go Saturday but I am sure it will be fun .

I have added a couple more outings in to the calendar so do have a check through.

Lavender Fields and Moto cross.

If people could start to let me know their availability for August 19th please .I would love to involve as many members as possible in our promotion.

It is just standing by the market stall display of our images and chatting to anyone interested ..and telling them how lovely we all are . It is a good fun day , you only need to commit to a couple of hours .

Thanks Ele 

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