1st Print Monthly 2022/23 Judge: Stephen Clifford CPAGB AFIAP BPE3*

Mono – Open (23 entries)

Mike TrothKeeping An Eye OutFirst
Judith DavisonSt David’s CeilingSecond
Alan McCormickIn The MoodThird
Judith DavisonWells CathedralHighly Commended
Alan McCormickBrotherly LoveHighly Commended
Judith DavisonUnderneath The ArchesCommended
Robin ElmsAt The Going Down Of The SunCommended
Alan FackrellBMX Racing In FrontCommended
David JellieThe MasterCommended
Alan McCormickCajun StyleCommended

Nature – Open (19 entries)

Julie Hall QPSA CPAGB BPE2*Young Red Deer Stag, In The RainFirst
Paul SmithLeucistic Kite Hunting (Albino Red Kite )Second
David JellieIvory FunnellThird
Julie Hall QPSA CPAGB BPE2*Red Squirrel LeapHighly Commended
Jenny Webster GMPSA EFIAP/S DPAGB SPSA BPE4* ARPSLittle Owls In NestHighly Commended
David JellieWild FoxgloveCommended
Paul SmithNorthern Hawk OwlCommended
Paul SmithTawny Owl With Mouse KillCommended
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