Annual Novice PDIs and Prints 2022/23 Judge: Dave Tucker EFIAP/g DPAGB CPAGB BPE3*

Nature Print(6 entries)

Best PDI Gateway to the Dales – Penny Davies

Best Print The Eyes Have It Monica Vaness

Malcolm WhartonElephant Seal And Gentu Penguin Chick (2)First
Monica VanessGiraffeSecond
Steve WilliamsBumble Bee – Bombus TerristisThird
Monica VanessPattern In A TreeHighly Commended
Malcolm WhartonMute Swan And Bridge (1)Commended
Steve WilliamsThe House Fly – Musca Domestica LinnaeusCommended

Nature PDI (10)

Monica VanessMuntjac In The WoodsFirst
Monica VanessBasking Ring-Tailed LemurSecond
Julie Bridgwater1. RobinThird
Malcolm Wharton2 – Life At The Waterhole (2)Highly Commended
Julie Bridgwater2 Common DarterCommended
Andrew HaycockFebruary BeeCommended

Mono Print (6)

Monica VanessJust A DropFirst
Monica VanessWhat’s More ImportantSecond
Malcolm WhartonWhitby Pier (2)Third
Malcolm WhartonView From The Deck Of Tall Ship (1)Highly Commended
Steve WilliamsTotal ConcentrationCommended
Steve WilliamsIndustrial MightCommended

Mono PDI (15)

Penny DaviesGateway To The DalesFirst
Monica VanessAnguishSecond
Monica VanessBooThird
Phil NokesBuilding On BuildingHighly Commended
Malcolm WhartonImperial War Museum North (1)Highly Commended
Malcolm WhartonThe Rope Loop (2)Commended

Colour Print (6)

Monica VanessThe Eyes Have ItFirst
Malcolm WhartonStupa, Nepal (1)Second
Monica VanessFluffy DreamerThird
Malcolm WhartonWinter Trees (2)Highly Commended

Colour PDI (18)

Monica VanessCradled In A FallFirst
Andrew HaycockBeauty In DecaySecond
Malcolm WhartonMorning Balloon Flights (1)Third
Julie Bridgwater2 Civil War SoldierHighly Commended
Malcolm WhartonEvening At Kimmeridge Bay (2)Highly Commended
Charlotte MathewsJoan Of ArcCommended
Monica VanessBest GirlCommended
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