1st Print Mono and Nature 23/24 – Judge John Haines

Open Nature(14entries)

Trevor HunterSanderlingFirst
Jenny Webster ARPS GMPSA DPAGB BPE4* SPSA EFIAP/SBoth Thrive On The LoveSecond
Trevor HunterJuvenile Grey HeronThird
Richard ChapmanAzure And Large Red DamselfliesHighly Commended
David Jellie AFIAPHawthorn Seedling On Dead TrunkHighly Commended
Trevor HunterWild Tawny OwlCommended
David Jellie AFIAPWillowherbCommended

Novice Nature(4)

Steve WilliamsCommon UK Wasp – Vespula VulgarisFirst
Steve WilliamsBlue Morpho Butterfly, Caterpillar-Morpho MenelausSecond

Novice Mono(4)

Steve WilliamsHigh Speed Unmanned Crossing, CambridgeshireFirst
Steve WilliamsEmissions Chimney At Gas Fired Power StationSecond

Open Mono(19)

Nick VealeBridge To NowhereFirst
Mike TrothIt Will Be AlrightSecond
Nick VealeMessageThird
Robin Elms Diploma IOPAll Souls OxfordHighly Commended
Trevor HunterSkagsanden BeachHighly Commended
Robin Elms Diploma IOPRoad To WalesCommended
Jenny Webster ARPS GMPSA DPAGB BPE4* SPSA EFIAP/SCheeky Foal Bites MotherCommended
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