29.10.2023 Vocal Point

An interesting Tuesday evening with lots of info and excellent images from Malcolm.

There was mixed feedback with regard to the delivery , Malcom received some of this feedback as he had asked for it , he did reply with regard to the delivery that he is 75 years old and doesn’t think as quickly now  ,which is fair comment . So it depends what we want from a presentation .. he certainly supplied lots of lovely images , plenty of location  detail , and a lot of generous information with regard to settings. He  made me think about visiting some nature reserves .

This Tuesday there is no early class as it is Practical Night . Sales Table  and Raffle !

Richard and I will be showing different ways to obtain images to stack – Focus Stacking  .

This is a technique used in macro to obtain an image with sharpness all the way through .

With a shallow depth of field , you can lose focus towards the back of the object you are photographing .

By taking many images with the focus at different points you can produce a fully sharp image  .

Please bring a camera  and if you have them -tripod , trigger , bean bag rest ,macro lens , macro rings . If you don’t have any of these don’t worry !! 

We will get in to smaller groups and I am sure you will be able to learn along with others in your group who have some of this equipment .

Richard and I will then host a 7pm class to show you how to stack those images with your software .

It really is easier than it sounds …Honest !

Set up will be table at front , welcome desk , tea tables and tables all along under the windows please , with chairs out for initial demo 

I am off to Bromsgrove School where we had the stand at the Creative Showcase yesterday and again today . Lots of interest and a very good representation of the club , with plenty of members coming along to help . It is a great social side to the club and people can see what a happy atmosphere we have at the club . The stand looks excellent , David et al did a grand job. Do come along and join the fun.

Handing in for the PDI is on Tuesday latest .

Please note there are roadworks coming at The Oakalls roundabout that may delay people’s journey to club . 

So basically camera , money for the raffle , and for the sales table , and bring any unwanted camera gear to pop on the sales table (this can be a #s a full donation to the club , or as 15% of sales price to the club -please label fully if this is the case )

See you Tuesday 


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