17.12.2024 Vocal Point

A welcome break from the rain for sure .

So an update on Pauline Grainger is good progress and she was so pleased to receive a card and good wishes from all at the club.

Tuesday was definitely a record for BPS with the most images in one evening, an entertaining evening with Tony Gervis  and the definite message to take images that you like . (and to programme your drone !)

This was echoed by Jenny with her amazing success in The Masters of Print with an image passed over by a club judge .It just proves how subjective photography is .If you like it ,stick with it .

Don’t get too hung up on pleasing the judge .

Saying that we have competition this coming Tuesday ,where we all aim to please the Judge .

We have a good entry and I am looking forward to seeing all the variety in images submitted .

New Years Party bookings still available , and calendars still for sale for those last minute presents .

See you all Tuesday 


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