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  4th Print Competition 2021/22  
Judge Scott Latham  
Open Colour    
Jenny Webster MPSA EFIAP DPAGB ARPS BPE4* Ladies Fishing In The Heavy Rain First
Judith Davison Frosty Park Walk Second
Andy Kent Looming Shadows In The Snow Third
Jan Godwin Frosted Trees Highly Commended
Geoff Hanson Lady Bower Reservoir Commended
Novice Colour    
Monica Vaness Foggy Field First
Ian Bowes On The Way Home Second
Derek Botfield Pass The Calamine Love Third
Open Mono    
Jenny Webster MPSA EFIAP DPAGB ARPS BPE4* Antarctic Storm Brewing First
Jenny Webster MPSA EFIAP DPAGB ARPS BPE4* Frosty View Second
Judith Davison Moody Beach Third
Ele Rea CPAGB Abstract Frost Highly Commended
Novice Mono    
Monica Vaness Cormorant Hunting Through The Fog First
Monica Vaness Weathered Many Storms Second
Ian Bowes Nowhere To Shelter Third
Open Nature    
Jan Godwin Wild Wood Mouse Investigating Fungi First
Jan Godwin Great Tit On Snowed In Milkbottles Second
Jenny Webster MPSA EFIAP DPAGB ARPS BPE4* Red Squirrel No Nuts Left Third
Jan Godwin Wren With Spider Highly Commended
David Jellie Sulphur Tuft Commended
Jenny Webster MPSA EFIAP DPAGB ARPS BPE4* White Tailed Eagle On The Ice Lake Commended
Novice Nature    
Monica Vaness Intense Grey Wolf First
Monica Vaness Lion Brothers Second
Ian Bowes Grey Heron With Flies Third
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