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  Novice & Open Annual Competitions 2016/17.
Novices General  
Best Colour Catch of the Day Daphne Day
Best Mono Boxing Clever James Fountain
Highly Commended Paradise Piers James Fountain
Highly Commended Street Art Sue Vernon
Novices Nature    
Winner Heron Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Young Moorhen Sue Vernon
Commended Robin Julie Bridgwater
Open General    
Best Colour A Beggar’s Lot Mike Troth
Best Mono Leader of the Band Len Pugh
Highly Commended Marble on the Beach Adrian Hedges
Highly Commended Feeling The Music John Davidson
Highly Commended Tibetian Gent Barry Green
Highly Commended Fairy Falls Jan Harris
Highly Commended A Victorian Education Mike Troth
Commended Fun in Prague Chris Wilkins
Open Nature    
Winner Elephant Herd Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Little Owl with Prey Barry Green
Highly Commended Eurasian Jackdaw John Davidson
Highly Commended Mignon Bali Starling Joe Kollár
Highly Commended Elephant and Calf Roger Tyler
Novices General  
Best Colour Dandelion Seed Head Sheila Billingham
Best Mono Waiting James Fountain
Highly Commended Spoons Sue Vernon
Commended Under The Street Lights Tiffany Guest
Commended Disgruntled Faces Tiffany Guest
Novices Nature    
Winner Goosander Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Glass Wing-Greta Oto Daphne Day
Highly Commended Stag Linda Allen
Commended Great Tree Nymph Julie Bridgwater
Commended Snowdrop Sue Vernon
Open General    
Best Colour The Longing Look Len Pugh
Best Mono Tension Colin Close
Highly Commended Last Chapter Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Life is a Beach Len Pugh
Highly Commended Old Timer – Lhasa Barry Green
Highly Commended Bound Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Got to pick a pocket or two Mike Troth
Highly Commended Gift to the Gods Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Kate Mike Troth
Commended A View of New York Rebekah Nash
Commended Parad Ice Roger Tyler
Commended Old World Service Colin Close
Open Nature    
Winner Mountain Hare in the rain Julie Hall
Highly Commended Yellow Weaver Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Red Squirrel Julie Hall
Highly Commended Zebra Stallions Fighting Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Female Marbled White on Wild Scabia Barry Green

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