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          3rd Monthly PDI Competition 2016/17
  In ‘Colour’ & ‘Mono’ Sections – Set Subject ‘Long Exposure’.  
Novices Colour.    
First Queensway James Fountain
Second Paradise James Fountain
Third Eye On The City Glynn Carr
Highly Commended Graffiti Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Riverlyn Michelle Chance
Commended Cinderella Carriage Sheila Billingham
Commended Snooker Ryazan Tristram
Commended Moment In Time Mark Bennett
Novices Mono.    
First Waterfall Michelle Chance
Second Lighthouse Sue Vernon
Third Crossing The Road Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Winter Waterfall Rob Evers
Commended Winter Dreams Mark Bennett
Novices Nature    
First Common Reed Beetles mating Sheila Billingham
Second Cormorant Pat Billyard
Third Tawny Owl Butterfly Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Brush Footed Butterfly Sheila Billingham
Highly Commended CrimsonPatchCheckerspot Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Bottlenose Dolphin Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Cormorant Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Grey Heron Linda Allen
Highly Commended Robin Michelle Chance
Commended Grey Squirrel Sue Davis
Commended Fallow Deer #1 Sue Vernon
Commended Lioness Pauline Grainger
Open Colour    
First Secret Fall Colin Close
Second Harmonic Motion Barry Green
Third Motorway madness David Jellie
Highly Commended Happy face in Worcester Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended The Longing Look Len Pugh
Highly Commended Zooming Christmas lights Rebekah Nash
Commended The Corner Mike Troth
Commended Wind amongst the wild flowers Roger Lewis
Commended Ibiza The Strip Roger Lewis
Commended Burnham Light House Mike Troth
Open Mono    
First Fisherman Jenny Webster
Second Aira Force Mike Troth
Third Harbour Fountain Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Franka in flight Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Magician’s Orb Jan Harris
Highly Commended Waterfall Rebekah Nash
Commended Tranquility Julie Hall
Commended Going for the Gap Colin Close
Commended Street Lights Jenny Webster
Open Nature    
First Male stag in rut Jenny Webster
Second Brown Hare Washing Barry Green
Third Spot Burnet Moths paired Barry Green
Highly Commended Nuthatch Rebekah Nash
Highly Commended Lioness Wild & Free Jenny Webster
Commended Orion Nebula Rebekah Nash
Commended Male Tiger – Wild & Free Jenny Webster
Commended Forget Me Not Julie Hall

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