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  2nd Monthly Print Competition 2017/18.
Novices Colour.    
First Offside Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second English Beauty Ken Bryan
Third The Circle of Life Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Boats For Hire Mary Jordan
Novices Nature.    
First Great Clearwing Butterfly Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Second Mammiliaria Amatacensis Pauline Grainger
Third Mammariliaria Pauline Grainger
Highly Commended Autumn Birches Ken Bryan
Commended Cinebar Caterpillar Sheila Ballantyne-Smith
Commended Bee On Cosmos Mary Jordan
Open Colour    
First Ferrari Detail Jill Howe
Second Bologna Roger Tyler
Third Through The Square Window Jill Howe
Highly Commended Bygone Days John Davidson
Highly Commended Rest Awhile Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Heart of the Himal Roger Tyler
Highly Commended Jo Joe Kollár
Commended Bond Girl Barry Green
Commended Morning Watch James Fountain
Commended Wood Nymph Jan Harris
Commended Final Preparations Jenny Webster
Open Nature    
First Juvenile Kestrels at Nest Site Jan Godwin
Second Red Squirrel in the Rain (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Third Female Jaguar “Thirsty”   (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Clip Springer (Wild & Free) Jenny Webster
Highly Commended Tengmalms Owl Joe Kollár
Commended Common Blue Roger Tyler
Commended Gaudy Leaf Frog John Davidson
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