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  3rd Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18.
Novices Colour.    
First Ciaran Michelle Chance
Second Grumpy Tiffany Guest
Third All in a day’s work Pat Billyard
Highly Commended Done The Deal Michelle Chance
Highly Commended Candles in the Church Pauline Grainger
Commended The Storm Sue Davis
Commended Scrum Down Mark Bennett
Commended Sweeney Sue Davis
Novices Mono.    
First Introspective Reflection Phoebe Catstree
Second Puddles upon Puddles Tiffany Guest
Third Boats at Laugharne Sue Davis
Highly Commended Romance in Venice Mark Bennett
Commended Forgotten Love Phoebe Catstree
Commended A Visit Tiffany Guest
Commended To The Point Michelle Chance
Open Colour    
First Looking different Jan Harris
Second Rocker Colin Close
Third Pengarreg Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Pride and Joy Richard Chapman
Commended Migration Len Pugh
Commended Thin Blue Line Terry Mason
Commended Adam Mal Ogden
Open Mono    
First Shady character Roger Lewis
Second Neglect Nigel Taylor
Third Off To School John Davidson
Highly Commended Lazy Swing Colin Close
Commended Sumatran Tiger Sue Vernon
Commended Half Dome Roger Tyler
Commended Avocets Richard Chapman
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