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  4th Monthly PDI Competition 2017/18
           Set Subject – ‘Creative’  
Novices Colour    
First Watching the Kidz Ruth Seadon
Second Floral Tea Michelle Chance
Third Paint Ball Phil Nokes
Highly Commended Refracted Light Ruth Seadon
Novices Mono    
First Moonlight Michelle Chance
Second Screw City Michelle Chance
Third Fairy Glen Pauline Grainger
Open Colour    
First Secret Garden Mal Ogden
Second Looking at you Terry Mason
Third Sunburst Mike Childs
Highly Commended All Around Me Mal Ogden
Highly Commended Heather Sue Vernon
Highly Commended Brush Head Colin Close
Commended Santa Maria della Salute Tony Hawkesbee
Commended Winter’s Rose Len Pugh
Commended Out of this World Mike Childs
Commended Turning The World Upside Down Julie Hall
Commended Celestial Girl Len Pugh
Open Mono    
First Falling Roger Tyler
Second Spies Colin Close
Third Argentine Tango Colin Close
Highly Commended Three Little Fishes Roger Lewis
Highly Commended Girl With Pearl Necklace Colin Close
Commended Softly Unfurling Jan Harris
Commended Battle of the Planets Mike Childs
Commended Pop Art Roger Tyler
Open Nature    
First Cape Penguins Roger Tyler
Second Gorilla Portrait Jenny Webster
Third Crocodile Rock Mike Childs
Highly Commended Red Squirrel Leaping Julie Hall
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